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Howdy readers! (yes, I know that was corny. but I can’t think of anything else.)
About a week and a half ago, maybe more but who cares, I was reading just Tilly’s blog as I usually do,when I came across a summer nail polish post that she had written. I loved it, (and if you want to read hers you can check it out here, ) and immediately asked her if I could copy her. She let me. so here is my take on funky summer nail polishes, and ignore all the black clothing. I’m strange.

1. Sunshiny Coral Awesomeness 

I think that coral is the ultimate summer color. Look at it- it’s so orange-y and pink-y and bright that whenever I put it on, I am always reminded of sunshine. I usually like to play with my nail designs, using more than one color, but for this coral, I truly feel that one color is enough. It is simply so perky and embodies summer so well on its own. This particular nail polish is from the Maybelline Color Show collection in the color Coral Crush. I happen to really like this brand of nail polishes because they have quite a strong color consistency and they paint very smoothly on to the nails. #ME RECOMMEND.

2. Purple Glittery Wonderfulness

This is my favorite nail polish look. The picture is kinda bad so you cannot truly see the spectacular glitterishness of this nail polish. First of all, this nail polish is a pure beautiful lavender color. That already in glitter form is simply stunning. Second of all, since this is a glitter, it catches the light in different angles, casting shadows and light all over the nails. this gives the polish an effect as if it had various purple hues dancing all over the nail when in reality, its really all one lavender color. WAIT ONE MOMENT.
I’ve decided that I’m terrible at writing seasonal blog posts. I have no idea whats good for summer, so you know what? Wear what you want. I love this color, so I’m going to where it whenever. And don’t ask me if this will go with your bikini because I have absolutely no idea. I think this is the reason why I’ve been having trouble writing this post. WHAT DO I KNOW  ABOUT SUMMER NAIL POLISH? Ok next:

3. Distressed Nails

This is summery. I think. I don’t know, I’ve worn this all year round. I call this design distressed nails because it is literally chipped turquoise nail polish with gold glittery polish painted over it. I absolutely love this look because it is such a cop out for people who are a) too lazy to repaint their nails or
b) secretly don’t know how to paint their nails so they mess up terribly each time.  
Seriously all you do is either wait till your nails are horribly chipped then paint over with a clear glittery nail polish, or messily paint one coat of polish on to your nails, chip at it your self, even wipe some away, then paint over it with a clear glittery polish of your choice. YAY! Now people think you know how to do your nails! When you don’t! Yay! Even so, the turquoise I used is from my absolute favorite brand of nail polishes- Sally Hansen. The color is so smooth and so clear that you don’t even need a base or top coat for it to look polished. I love Sally Hansen <3 it’s in the color Jaded for those interested. The gold I used is a piece of junk, but it works anyhow, so, eh.

4. Sky Blue Polish with Black Glitter. No, I Could Not Think of a Better Name. 

I don’t know how I feel about this nail polish. While the design is a really cool idea, the sky blue color contrasting with the black spots, I am not too crazy about this particular nail polish itself. It’s from forever 21, however, the polish is quite diluted and needed a few good strokes to actually achieve an acceptable depth of color. Also, since the black spots are mixed into the blue color in the bottle, every time I painted another coat of this onto my nails, it would cover up the black glitter and the whole contrasting effect would fade. However, if you do like the design, I recommend getting a cool bright pastel color that you like, and painting over it with a clear/ spotted polish. I’ve seen some really good ones in Sephora, although that might be a touch pricey, even so, I recommend the clear/spotted ones at Sephora. They really work and the effect is beautiful.

5. Paint Splattered Nails That Are Actually Summery.

I love paint splatters. I’ve splattered my tights, I’ve made paint splattered sleeves, I want to splatter one of my skirts, etc. Thus, I sincerely think that this nail design is the perfect blend of summer and awesome. And again, this design so easy to make that it would really be shameful if you didnt know how to do it. Like really, it would. All you do is (badly) paint your nail one base color, (I chose pale pink.) Then you take different matching nail colors and literally dab them on to your nail. It can be messy, it does not have to look perfect, infact, the wilder the better! Again, this nail design deceptively looks hard to do, but in reality is just an excuse of a nail design for people who dont know how to put on nail polish.

 And Now, Here is a List of All The Nail Brands That I Used. Ahem:

Coral Crush– good consistency. I like.

 Forever 21 Purple Maven Glitter – note: this is very hard to put on and very hard to take off. but on the good side, it does not chip. like seriously, it doesnt, it just stays. also, it’s an extremely beautiful color. 

Sally Hansen Complete Nail Salon- Jaded. love this brand, love this color, love everything about this polish. absolutely no complaints.

Forever 21 Dusty Blue/Black – I thought this polish to be watery and weak. Like flat soda.

Urban Outfitters – Pom Poms – I chose this color to show you out of all the other colors I used for the paint splatter design because this is by the far the alpha brand. I’d describe this polish as pliable. It can be used in many different ways, very much like paint. It can be mixed with other colors, it can be used like paint for a splatter design as I have shown you, and it has very good color consistency all on it own. Plus, its sooooo bright. Drool.  

well that’s it for today folks. please comment below telling me what brands you like and if you have any interesting designs for me. also, can you please tell me if i talk too much? sometimes i ramble. is it boring? and seriosuly leave a comment, its like the coin in my hat after a street performance.

Cynical Duchess