A Different Take On Mainstream

Kay, So I Really Don’t Know How to Start This….

My Gosh.
When you’ve been away for so long, it’s suddenly really hard to get back into the flow of things.
you do not know just HOW many times I’ve written, rewritten, posted and even deleted posts (can you believe that???) because I didn’t know how to start this thing back up again. and truthfully, I barely know anymore in what direction I want to take this blog.

so basically, right now, I kinda look like this:

because really, this blog is supposed to be about the things I’m passionate about, and about sharing those things with people- but instead I just developed this dumb insecurity that worms its way into my soul and says nastily: “noo, you cant write about that, that’s dumb, no one’s gonna like that, eeew.” and thus that little voice just shuts me up and doesn’t let me write about the things I’m truly passionate about.

Which is such a shame! Because this is supposed to be my space on the internet. A space to really talk about the things I love. A space where I can be myself. and I don’t even let my self have that.

So how about this. I am NOT going to have an introduction. Who cares where I went for the past year, and no one is allowed to scream at me if my next blog post is about cereal. Because if I am passionate about cereal then that is what I am going to write about. And why don’t you try and stop me. besides, I’m sure there are some cereal fanatics out there that may enjoy such a post. *sniff*.

Now excuse me while i go find a hammer to destroy my writer’s block…..

Have you ever felt like some unseen nasty force was stopping you from doing the thing you loved most? You could, you know, tell me about it, in the comments. If you want. Or not. Whatever.