A Different Take On Mainstream

Unboring Toast

(It’s a vamped up version of poached egg on avocado. just so you know.)

Right then, so I know I said that I was going to write about cereal, but inspiration struck again and I find myself really wanting to write about toast.

Don’t judge me.

I actually don’t eat bread that much any more, (and if you want to know my theory about why , it’s because the food in my dorm abroad was so disgustingly oily and fattening, that I rebelled in the opposite way and became an absolute health maniac. just my theory.) Anyway, because I don’t eat bread often, I like to vamp it up with as much taste and color as possible.

Because frankly, toast with out anything on it is really boring. And I don’t like boring toast.

Yup. Here’s another picture of the same toast but from a different angle. Because that is what bloggers do.

So after some serious major scrounging, I found the ingredients to make this rendition of Unboring Toast. And boy was it jaw droppingly amazing. I really do surprise my self sometimes. So, if you wanna, like, know how I made it, or wanna try the recipe or whatever, here’s how:

  -First, the only bread I ever use is Trader Joe’s Sprouted Multi-Grain Bread. It’s made with sprouted wheat berries, rye flakes and flax seeds,  and has 5 grams of protein per every slice. yum. 

       so yah, I take some of that and pop it into the toaster. I sincerely hope you know how to work a toaster. 
      – Next, take a quarter of a ripe avocado and crush it, just enough that it will still be chunky. Now spread it on the toast. I sincerely hope you know how to do that as well.             
– Now add salt.
-Then a dash of olive oil.
– Then a squeeze of lemon.
put this all onto the toast with the already spread avocado. 
-Now poach an egg. I’m too lazy to walk you through the process. here’s a video tutorial.  
-Then, inside the depths of my freezer, I found lo and behold, some chili flakes! These are a little spicy, so if you don’t like spiciness I do not recommend using this spice. However. The sharp tang of the chili flakes contrasts so well with the lemon juice and avocado, it tastes like a spicy, Mexican dance in your mouth. But that is just my opinion.
-then you precariously balance 2 tiny slices of tomato onto your poached egg. Cuz its pretty. And yummy. 
       -and last but not least- add a dash of dill. No, I could not resist. Just so you know, dill happens to compliment tomato very well. So there.  
You May Now Eat The Toast.
This is what I did with the extra ingredients. Same thing, but no poached egg.  
Well then, I think I’ve yapped on for quite enough haven’t I? so I’m gonna go now and clean my room. Cuz it looks like a sty of pig. 
Well then, CIAO
       -Cynical Duchess
What did you eat for lunch today? I’m actually quite curious. So leave a comment. About what you ate for lunch. Yah.