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The Job Search.


       One of the most grueling, most torturous, most emotionally exhausting and self deprecating experiences in the history of creation is The Job Search. I am in the process of this cruel exercise as we speak and I must say, ’tis extremely draining. I have never really been “honest” on this blog. Until now, my posts have been about things that make me happy, of that I find funny, I have never sat down and written something akin to a public diary, which I know some bloggers do, but I personally have always been afraid to try out, because people may not like it. Which I shouldn’t care about anyway, but, alas, I’m human. 

       However, I know that there are many people out there that are in the throes of this terrible situation, and sometimes, it can be quite beneficial not only to laugh together, but to cry together. Today at my college, there was a job fair. Wait, I’m lying. I’m writing this out of frustration during college as I watch the job fair take place before my eyes through the window of my computer lab. the whole campus is alight with white tents and expectant faces, but truthfully, I just no longer have the energy to face it all. After a severing of my last job in July, where both parties (me and my employer) were left with a sticky, messy awkward situation, I was ungracefully thrown back into the job forest, left on my own, to face the wolves of industrialism. (If anyone thought about the Wolf Of Wall street just then, I give you ten Duchess points.)  
       Frankly, I’m just tired, I have applied for job after job, wearing the same forced, artificial smile, nodding mechanically, and saying my thank you’s as they all let me know that I will get an answer within a week. I never do. And I watch all of my friends with their satisfying jobs; those people who have simple money for ice cream, those people who can comfortable pay for gas, and I just have to ask, “why??” Why them and not me? What is wrong about me that for for 4 months, a young, intelligent capable college student like myself is not fit even for a simple retail job. WHY????????????? 
Oh job fair, deliver me. 
I needed to crack myself up.
       BUT THAT’S IT. I’m done moaning. Now its time to believe. I know some of you may be looking for a job right now too, and we all know how grueling it is, so I say this- 
We are NOT going to give up! We are intelligent. We are beautiful. We have disposition and verve, all of us, and this whole experience is simply a learning process. We will emerge from the Forest Of Unemployment as better, wiser people, even more capable of serving our communities, our families and ourselves than before. 
      When we hand in an application, we are going to smile genuinely, and thank whatever deity we believe in, for the things that we do have, because someone out there somewhere, has less. 
     When we get an interview, we are going to be confident. We will even crack a joke; we will compliment The Interrogator on her ugly shoes.
       Now excuse me, I have a resume to edit, and a job fair to get to. Love you all! Don’t forget to leave a comment! (I eat them for breakfast) 
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