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Some Snapshots of Life In LA

A little boy at the Grove, just taking in the wonder of that fountain.

       Well hello folks, how’re you doing? Great! me too! I am writing this at 6:50 AM because I couldn’t go back to sleep. Never happened to me before. Weird. Another thought before I really begin– I feel, like if you check some of my old posts here and here, you’ll see that I’m strangely obsessed with my own sleeping patterns. I’m strange.

I wanted, again, to give you something a little bit different from the usual lifestyle mix. I love going around LA and taking pictures of all the “wonders” it has to offer– but people rarely get to see how we just interact, experience, exist. So I decided, that for this LA post, I would photograph just the people, living their lives in LA.

No one ever sees the inside of an LA bus. They show you Hollywood, Miley Cyrus, maybe a bit of the beach, but that’s it. They never show you the hidden places, that are only just cropped out of the glossy photos. I mean look at this, some young, some old, some standing, others sitting– all engaging in that close-far bus relationship that somehow feels so poetic.

Another closeup of the grove– look at this picture- it is a frozen moment of someone’s life, a captured image where at that moment, this couple was happy, laughing, sharing the grove together. I’ll show you the shops in another post. This is special.

I saw this man on Sunset Blvd, just sitting there, taking in the street. We are often so busy doing things that we very often forget to just stop, and look. He’s actually sitting right in front of the Director’s Guild of America. (Btw, I asked permission to post the picture, he said ok).

  This bicycle is actually parked right outside the Buzzfeed HQ. It probably belongs to anyone of the hipster nerds who work there. I just thought it was so beautiful, that flash of color against all that bland. No one ever photographs LA’s bicycles.

It wasn’t only that this man was playing beautifully, you could see that he really loved what he was doing. When he played that piano, it looked as if everything else had disappeared around him, and all that was left was that piano.

You would think that a house like this would be overly conspicuous, but in fact, This is my first time bumping into this house– and I walk down this particular street quite a lot. *weird. I always wonder who lives in this house– it is situated right in the middle of LA’s finest mansions and houses. It’s just sitting there, right between all that opulence, telling everyone to go away. It also has a bucket for a mailbox. I’m sorry I didn’t include that in the photo.

I just find this picture so funny. This is a physical manifestation of the 21st century. THIS. In my head, I call this photo “Technology At Work”, I mean, look up! There are so many people and things and beauty around you, and the guy next to you looks nice, you know, these two could have been friends. maybe they are, maybe they will be, who knows?

I saved the best for last. This photo is definitely my favorite, it is such an innocent moment between two friends, sharing a doll together, while their mothers relax somewhere in the distance. I love those captured moments of pure goodness, where at that moment, their friendship was immortalized.
(I am aware that I am romanticizing just a tad).

Well, that is all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, Please leave a comment. I love comments! Please, do tell me if these are the types of things you would like to see, because I love photography, and would be more than happy to take some more. 
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