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The Life of A Music Snob: 5 of My Favorite Musicians

So this is kind of a weird post…
I wanted to share with you some of my strange eclectic music. Here’s the thing though, I like a particular brand of music– I have three rules: the words have to be poetic/deep, the music has to be very unique, and the content cannot be about love. I detest love songs. I feel as if that genre has leaked every potentially creative songwriter of any creative ideas. For once the songwriter has shackled himself to the chains of the love song, its as if that is all that exists within the world. There is no other emotion, only that which evolves itself around the opposite gender. Which is why I have made it my mission to find musicians and singers that create music that does not shackle itself to one topic.

So here you go– five of my favorite musicians who do not sing about profanity, immorality, female objectification, or love.

1. Regina Spektor

I discovered Regina when I was 16. What initially drew me to her was the fact that she created such strange, unique music, that was about something other than infatuation with the opposite gender. Plus, she uses her voice to propel her messages, not her body. The official description of her music is ‘anti-folk’ but 10 Duchess points to anyone who knows what that means. To me, her music is best described as quirky. Very quirky. She mostly uses a slightly drunk-sounding piano as the background for her vocals, and her words are poetry that are quite hard to understand. One of my favorite lines is from a song called “Us” it goes: “we’re living in a den of thieves rummaging for answers in the pages, we’re living in a den of thieves, and it’s contagious”. I mean WHO KNOWS what that means. but I love it.
Top 3 Songs:
2. Lindsey Stirling


This was the cover of her first album, titled ‘Lindsey Stirling’.  Note the fake nose on the violin. Just note it. Again, I discovered Lindsey when I was 16– she wasn’t very famous then, but I absolutely loved her for her modesty, originality, and determination. Lindsey Stirling is basically a youtuber/dubstep-violinist. she composes her own classical violin music, then fuses it with hardcore dubstep and awesome beats. Then, she dances to it- whilst playing the violin. She doesn’t only do her own stuff though, she’s done covers of gaming/flim score music, where she reenacts the game/film scene all through a violin. If you are only going to check out one musician from this list– please let it be her, Lindsey is SO worth it. Plus, I met her and she signed both my albums, so I have that personal bias as well.
Top Three:
I honestly couldn’t choose.
3. Lenka


I discovered Lenka when I was 17. She is another very quirky Australian musician, who also uses her voice to promote her messages, not her body. her music is very lilting and happy sounding, but the lyrics and messages are so spot on, that you just keep listening. One of my favorite lines from one of her songs– Anything I’m Not– goes: “give me a break, a little escape, I am so tired of being me; I wanna be free, I wanna be new and different anything I’m not”. That is way too spot on sometimes.
Top Three:
4. Celtic Woman



This is by far one of the weirdest bands I like to listen to, But its out there for those fellow people who love celtic folk music, and I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE. I know I’m not the only one. I basically grew up watching them on PBS, but it was only when I was 16 or so that I learned to look them up on my own and actually really listen to them. They are an all girl Irish band that uses mostly traditional Irish/celtic instruments (i.e fiddle, drum) to sing [mostly irish] folk music! They sing beautiful renditions of Scarborough Faire, Caledonia, Orinoco Flow, and a lot of Gaelic/English numbers as well. They also have some of the best Celtic fiddle I have ever heard, played by Meread Nesbitt. For just Celtic fiddle and no voices, I would recommend Meread on her own, or Natalie Macmaster– but thats for another music post.
Top Three:
5. Bastille


I told you my taste was eclectic. I am aware that this is the only guy band on the list– but in my defense, I like more than 5 bands and its hard to get through everything. I actually got their hit song “Pompei” free off of iTunes when I was 17. while I was rocking out to all this hidden poetry, my friends would actually laugh when I showed them Pompei. They laughed. Now who’s laughing. What I find so special about this band (btw, its a british alt-rock band) is that their music seriously is poetry, they have maybe one[?] love song in their entire album, which I’m not really sure is a love song, and the rest of their music is about the beautiful wording of pure emotions and instances in our lives that just deserve to be written about. My favorite line from their maybe love song– Poet– goes: “I have written you down, now you will live forever, and all the world will read you, and you will live forever on eyes not yet created, on tongues that are unborn, I have written you down, now you will live forever”. But that doesn’t even have to be about someone from the opposite gender.
Top Three:
Well thats all today children,
please tell me if you wanna see more music posts- I have such weird taste in music– rock, classical, alt-pop weird stuff, so please tell me, and I’ll be glad to do some more. In the meanwhile,
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