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A Girl From LA’s First Trip To Universal Studios

Hola peoples!
First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who gave me such beautiful encouragement on my last post which you can check out right there. While you think that your comments may be trivial, or they don’t mean anything, believe me, all of your words of encouragement really did help me see that its ok to be yourself, that I don’t have to hide my true passions in fear of dislike. I am going to be who I am– and nothing more!
       On that note, I wanted to share with you my first trip ever to Universal Studios Hollywood. I’ve lived in LA all my life; Honestly, I have never been interested in this theme park before. Celebrities and sets? Eh. Only virtual rides? Okaaaaay… so what exactly does this theme park have that they have the audacity to charge you EIGHTY FIVE STINKING DOLLARS? (And that’s on a discount).
       Well, recently two of my really good friends from New York came to visit me, and of course, check out all the LA hype. Obviously, this meant that I got to play tour guide for a bit (when I wasn’t at work or college or deep inside the maws of an essay or whatever). We had saved one single day for a theme park. My lucky friends, of course, had already been to Disney World in Florida, so the thought of a smaller, more ancient version of ONLY the magic kingdom didn’t exactly appeal to them. Such New Yorkers. I was only a little disappointed. WHATEVER.
       So we decided on Universal- they’d never been, I’d never been, win win! Yaaaaaay. So let us go onward my friends, to see what Cynical Duchess thought of her first trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

First–Harry Potter

Right so, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter isn’t opening until April of this year. Pfft, the one thing I’m actually interested in- and it ain’t here yet. BUT, I did manage to sneak some pics of what they did allow us to see- so here is a teaser sneak peek of the upcoming Harry Potter experience, FELLOW POTTER FANS, WHY DON’T YOU FANGIRL WITH ME? 
This of course, is my future car–Universal kindly said they would lend it to me on alternate weekends, I only had to sell my soul wasn’t hard, they’re nice people. [This is a replica of the Weasely’s Ford Anglia that Harry and Ron crashed into the Womping Willow in the second book, for those non potter fanatics out there]. 
       Just another closeup of my future car–I don’t like to brag but, she’s a really special car. I’m very lucky. *Thanks Universal! 
We are now entering the domain of pictures where Cynical Duchess was in danger of spending her entire day there, yet unfortunately, her friends staged an intervention and pulled her out before she could waste her entire day at Universal in the Harry Potter gift shop. Party poopers. 
 I SEE RAVECLAW!! Am I salivating? One sec–I think I am.  
Awww, look at Hedwig up there, so cutely asleep. 
I–just can’t–the cutenesssssss. 
(you can see that I’m a ravenclaw fan, right?)
Right, I actually need to show you the park, kay FINE. 
It is after my friends so rudely pulled me out of my new permanent home, that we came upon a part of the park dominated by Despicable Me. I actually loved this movie, it was quite adorable– and the ride pictured–Minion Mayhem– is absolutely excellent. It is funny, it is not a rollercoaster, which I hate, but it is such a good virtual experience, that you not only feel that you are a part of a digital film, but you also feel like you are on a rollercoaster. At one point my stomach dropped so fantastically that I had to take my 3D glasses off. 
Minions!! Of course we ignore the sweaty, stinky full grown adult within the costume. I totally just ruined that for you didn’t I?
I just really liked that frog trash.  
And then, things got really Anglo-philic. (is that a word?) I really really want to visit Ireland. I just kinda want to touch their grass, it always looks so fluffy in the pictures. 
They seem to have created a British film Wonderland. This is my next future car if the Ford Anglia doesn’t work out. Universal is too nice.
Another place I really want to visit: the actual Globe Theater (where Shakespeare first performed all his plays for Queen Elizabeth I). 
This guy was having way too much fun at his job. You should see the faces he pulled in the pictures my friends and I took with him. It was very funny actually. 
And then we saw this. 
Let the posing ensue. 
I am aware that this post is getting way too long. But Simpsons! 
last ones!
Universal Hollywood offers a set tour– it is probably the only studio that has its own theme park on site. They have filmed movies like Back To the Future, Jaws, How The Grinch Stole Christmas,  and Bates Motel right on these sets. And believe it or not, most of these sets are made of foam and rubber. 
Foam and rubber. This is where they film New York scenes By the way. Add a few yellow taxis, and I guess you’re good to go. 
This is where they filmed that plane crash movie that I forgot the name of. This is a real plane lying in pieces. 
Fakery. But Beautiful fakery. 
Right so yes, that was a lot of pictures, but hopefully they were enjoyable pictures! 
In the comments below, tell me if you ever went to universal, and which theme park is the alpha theme park for you? 
My verdict: It is a very cool place to visit once. When Harry Potter comes out, I’m probably just gonna shell out another $85 and hang out there, all day. 
Disneyland is more magical. Give me Potter.