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Some Snapshots of Life In NY

If you were expecting a feel good walk through experience depicting cutesy pictures of Central Park and Times Square, well my friend, you have come to the wrong place. As I am sure most of you know by now, ( and for those of you who don’t I am about to explain anyway), I like the hidden things, those moments that usually go undocumented in life. 
I realize that this is a bit of an anti-climax, but I went to New York last week. [*insert excuse for posting so late yet again]. Thing is though, I knew before I even got there that I did not want to come home with a scrapbook of Top-Ten-Things-To-Do photos. I understand that Times Square is very interesting, and the Statue of Liberty is very historical, and the Empire State Building and blah blah blah, but I wanted to see the life brimming underneath those facades. I didn’t just want to be a tourist, and to see all the trappings they feed all the strangers. I wanted to find the secrets of New York, all the things that come out at night when the strangers and the tourists have all gone home and are no longer looking. 

I took this picture on a spur of the moment, just as I was about to cross the street. Even before I took this picture, I noticed how striking this woman looked right next to that red whatever-that-is. I just love what she is wearing, this woman looks like such a character.  
[just another tangent– I’m using my best friend’s laptop right now, cuz I’m at her house, duh, and there is dog hair on her keyboard. I’m telling you that dog gets everywhere. Sorry S, it’s true ]. 

Right, so this was the most amazing pizza I have ever had period. Its from a restaurant in Brooklyn called Posh Tomato, and I must say, it definitely deserves that name. I chose the Georgie Pizza which is basically a whole wheat crust, a dollop of tomato sauce, ricotta and parmesan, garlic pieces, kalamata olives and fresh basil leaves. Oh my gosh it was so good. My friend actually filmed me eating my first bite of New York pizza. I look ridiculous, I’m practically salivating from pizza delirium. 
Also, this place has specialized desert pizzas– we got the chocolate pizza, which has melted chocolate and marshmallows on it. I need not say any more, this place is too good to be true. Very posh 😉 
I think this is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken. Trust me, I’ve taken a lot. I don’t know why, but those shoes are just so beautiful hanging there from the street light, like a play mobile for the street. 
[although my best friend S just told me that gangsters steal those shoes from little children and hang them over street lights. I don’t know whether to believe her because that is just way too depressing. Can’t I just believe that shoes hanging from street lights signify that a village of shoe elves are in the area??! WHY CAN’T LIFE BE SIMPLE LIKE THAT?] 
The subway:
That guy was totally looking at me take that picture. #AWKWARD. Even so, this picture tells such a story, I love it so much. I just love the New York subway. is that weird? Am I weird? Don’t answer that. I simply love the brimming life of the subway, I could honestly have ridden it all day. 
Just a splash of yellow in the midst of all the dreary Manhattan grey. It’s these little splashes that make New York City so beautiful. In my humble opinion.

Greenwich Village:
I just love the little openings all along New York City that allow you to enter its snaking underground lair. Did I mention that I love the subway 😉 ? 

The Met:
Some people may fangirl when they see Taylor Swift. I fangirled when I saw these Renoirs. I blame it entirely on my High school English teacher, who introduced me to Art, and to my college Art history professor, who cemented it into me. Thanks guys. Its your fault I’m not normal. [In the best possible way]. 
Manhattan–5th and 42nd Street:
This was the beauty right outside the New York Public Library. I wish I could have taken you guys with me into the library, but the pictures don’t do justice to the real thing. The New York Public library is every bibliophile’s dream, and if you live in New York, and you love books, and you’ve never been, I am to understand that you are probably a certified nutcase. 
This is probably as authentic as it gets. Before I took this picture, I had never seen a seafood market before. It was so interesting to look at, they were selling things like oysters, clams, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, eels, and of course, every day generic fish. It was just very interesting to simply have a look-see, even if I wasn’t going to buy anything. Those clam/shell things are $2.40/LB by the way, if you didn’t notice. Just saying, you should get some. 
Near Brooklyn Bridge:
I just thought this photo was so relaxing and so beautiful. Behind this riding girl is Tribeca, and ahead of this girl is the Brooklyn bridge heading into Brooklyn. Oh, it was such a beautiful place, I miss it already!!! 
Underground– New York Subway Station:
Just some oldies having the time of their lives. Singing Oldies. I hope that wasn’t offensive. It was really cute, you must believe me– Just a group of old buddies who must have gotten together and said “Hey, life is short! Lets get together and set up a concert in the subway station just for the kicks of it!”. That some young people should have such gumption. 
I don’t know why I like this picture–I just do. Such a sophisticated older woman, hurrying to wherever her destination is. I give you all a blessing that at her age, you should all still be young and sprightly, and with as much purpose as this woman seems to show in this moment when I caught her in action. 
Near Brooklyn Bridge:
These guys were definitely tourists. Either Swedish or German, I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what language they were speaking. Just as a general rule, you should know, my next obsession after public transportation is tourists. They are honestly just so fascinating, like a displaced culture from another world that traveled on a TARDIS to some other land. ***I think Cynical Duchess should remind her readers that at the time she was making all these snobbish remarks about tourists, she was a tourist herself. She realizes that she can be a bit hopeless sometimes. ***
And that is all for today Folks, please leave a comment telling me whether you enjoyed this post. or just tell me where you are from, I’d love to know. How about this, 
answer me this: where are you from, and have you ever been to New York? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know. 
Have a beautiful night readers,
Cynical Duchess.