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Collab With The Nerdy Me: We Stitched A Story Together.

Photo by Leta–The Nerdy Me

       Salutations readers! It is currently midnight, just thought I’d tell you, so in case I spew anything that makes less sense than usual, you know why. Today I have something very special to show y’all. I’m trying to find the words to describe how much fun I had writing this up, but my brain is sort of fried. Its the thought that counts anyway, right?
       Even so, I want to say that for this post, I cowrote a story with the lovely Leta. For any of you who do not know who Leta is, she is the creator of the awesome blog The Nerdy Me, which you should all check out. She writes up awesomely unique posts about anything from how to get rid of negativity, to why she hates public bathrooms. I love her.
       Anyway, we decided that we wanted to do a collab together, because collabs are fun. So what did we decide to do?
       WE STITCHED A STORY TOGETHER! Leta provided the photo, I began the story, and Leta finished it. The fun of this is that neither one of us knew in which direction the other person would take the story, so it was a lot of fun when Leta emailed me her half and I was all
“whoa, I was not expecting that ending.”
We also did a story on her blog in which I provided the photo, and Leta had to begin the story. Ya’ll can check that out right here.

But, with out further ado, because I know I talk too much, heres the story:

Cynical Duchess:
       It had been years since he had last entered Vilnius. Yet the familiar sounds and sights enveloped him like an old friend, pulling at his long buried childhood memories. Vilnius was like a silver city, powdery and grey, yet still sparkling with the bright Lithuanian sun. He had always loved to sit on the walkway with his friends in the neighborhood square, during the frosty Sunday mornings, and watch as the sun traveled around the city, revealing hidden bits of color. But those Sundays had long since dispersed, and so had the people he had shared them with. 
       He shivered in his many layers, and blinked forcefully a couple of times, as if to ward off any more thoughts that might enter his brain unawares. Yet it was so difficult not to think of the Vilnius of his youth, and the—
       no. He had left it all behind. Still, seven years was a long time not to think about—. He panted slightly as he trudged past the open air stalls in the Vilnius market, the old smells of ginger and decaying trees hitting him like a wave. He pulled his bags closer to him; inside them were the only things he really owned. Yet whatever earthly objects he had stuffed away into his bags would never be as important as the flat, white, rectangular package he was currently clutching tightly to his chest. The package was the reason he had even returned to Lithuania at all. 
       He looked down at the checkered concrete—studied it really, as if maybe the answers to all of his questions were written in the crevices of the sidewalk. He clasped his fingers tightly over his bags, trying to salvage a murmur of warmth between his fingers. What was in the package wasn’t even the most important thing—although, that was definitely important as well. No—what was most important about the package was the little address, hurriedly squashed into the left hand corner of the envelope, written in the same cramped handwriting that he knew anywhere. It meant, he had found—. 
       But not yet, now was not the time to think about it. First, he had to get there. 
Leta/The Nerdy Me:
       As people passed by, he felt more and more determined to get there. It was now or never. He picked up his pace and with shaky hands turned to the left on the first corner of the wide and long street. And there it was. Dark brown doors with a little red doorbell ring on the right side of the door. The view so familiar yet so distant from all the years he spent away in the countries that have been treating him with love and mercy that he didn’t get in Vilnius. He remembered all the bad and all the good and he knew that he did a right decision all those years ago. 
       He took a deep breath in and pressed the button. A loud and annoyingly sharp noise interrupted the silence what he was enjoying until this very last minute. He pressed the package even closer to his chest, his heartbeat could be heard from the longest distance, his hands were shaky and even cold weather and harsh wind didn’t affect him anymore. All he could think about was those deep green eyes and the package in his hands. And suddenly, the doors opened. 
       There stood a girl with long dark hair and deep green eyes that reminded him of an early spring grass every time he looked at them. The eyes were full of shock and wonder. One minute ago the man was scared and nervous and now he only felt relieved. She stood right here, in front of him, in all her youth and beauty.
       “Hi” – he finally said to the girl from his past. She jumped from the sudden noise that she didn’t expect and took a deep breath in to steady her breathing and heart race.
       “Hi”- was her answer. His eyes travelled down to the little bump that was visible through the grey dress that the girl was wearing. He couldn’t believe this. The package he got wasn’t a prank. It wasn’t a misunderstanding. And she was a real living proof standing right in front of him.
       The girl noticed his stare and her eyes followed his to the little bump that was her stomach. The man slowly reached out and touched it so gently like it could break in million pieces any minute. She shivered from his touch and little crystals started to shine in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that he was actually here. Neither could he believe that after all these years he would be back here in the city he was born in. He really thought that he was leaving all of it behind 7 years ago. 
       A small smile made its appearance on his face and she couldn’t hold back. She threw her arms around his neck and burst into the tears. The tears of joy and happiness. He embraced her little frame with his long arms and pressed her so tightly like he never did before. 
       “Welcome back, brother” was all she said before letting him go and ushering him inside. 

The End.

And that’s that! I had so much fun writing this up with Leta, especially since she is such a sweet person to work with.
Be sure to check out the other story I wrote with Leta over on her blog right here:

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Have a good morning everyone! I love you all! Cheerio! I desperately need to sleep!
Deliriously yours,
Cynical Duchess.