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The Things I Wear Around My Neck.

       Hello children. I felt like doing a cutesy beauty post today. Sometimes you need that, sometimes people (such as me) are sick of hearing about Deep Meaningful Subjects. Sometimes, it is simply fun to talk about our clothes, our makeup, what we ate today, and what jewelry we most like to wear. Deep Meaningful Stuff like That.
       Which brings me to the Deep Meaningful Content of this post. There are some pieces of jewelry (within my tremendous plethora of jewelry. Right.)  that I find myself choosing over and over again. The English language describes this as my favorite pieces of jewelry. But thats just way too obvious for me to figure out on my own. So you guys know the drill– ONWARD! TO MY FAVORITE STAPLE PIECES OF JEWELRY!

Also, before you even ask–Yes, that is a cutting board. Get over it.

Store: Forever XII
I bought this necklace for my 17th or 18th birthday. I think it was 17th. Yah, 17th. For those of you who don’t know, I have a tradition every year where I buy myself presents on my birthday. (Ya’ll can check out my last B-day haul Right Here). I have loved this delicate necklace for so long– it’s just so pretty and delicate, yet so unique. I love the idea that you can wear a little corked glass bottle around your neck with the word love in it. I usually save this necklace for special occasions. Also, its really delicate and I keep checking that the cork hasn’t broken off yet. So special occasions it is. Furthermore, after reading this paragraph over again, I noticed that I have used the word delicate a grand total of: 3 times. So for those of you who haven’t got it yet– IT’S REALLY DELICATE. 
Store: Forever XII
I actually just bought this bangle very recently. Probably about 2 weeks ago. A few reasons why I love this bangle: 1) I have tiny wrists which do not usually get along with bangles (they all tend to slip off and away)–but this one— actually– fits my wrist!! It’s a miracle I tell you. 2) it is silver [well, fake silver] and turquoise, one of my favorite combinations. There is just something about turquoise stones that are just so artistic, and like, spiritual, if that makes sense. Yah that probably doesn’t. Whatever. 3) those etchings make this bangle look practically medieval, like they have some story to tell. And you know I like things with stories. 😉 
Store: Forever XII
I bought this little faded rose gold necklace at the same time I bought the bangle. *See above photo. I usually distinctly dislike short necklaces. I usually see no point to them– they are way too delicate for anyone to see them, and barely pull their weight when it comes to embellishing an outfit. The sole reason why I bought this necklace: to tie in the back of my neck as a choker. I should also add that while I usually abhor being in style, I have always loved chokers. Ever since I was a little kid and I saw the big 90’s kids wearing their authentic 90’s chokers, I have seriously wanted one. Unfortunately, the 2000’s came around, and everyone chucked their chokers out the window. Therefore, now I am seizing the moment to stock up on as many chokers as I can, so that when they go out of style again, I shall have them within my personage. Teehee.

Store: Claire’s
This ring literally looks like I got it from some snobbish European boutique. But alas, I got it in a ring pack for 5 bucks at Claire’s. *[Insert evil snicker]. I also know that this is not the most flattering angle to show off this ring, but I absolutely love this picture, I think it’s very artistic, and sometimes, that trumps good angles. I also usually save this ring for special occasions; the crystal in the middle garners it as very much a statement ring, so I usually wear it to weddings and such. I actually have this cobalt blue dress from Banana Republic that honestly looks smashing with this ring. Suffice to say, I love cheap jewelry hacks. 😉  
Store: Topshop
I love these studs. I can’t even say it enough–I love these studs. Like, I can’t even– I honestly love Topshop for even thinking of selling a mismatched set of studs. I think it’s such a unique idea; who always needs the same matching pair, day in, day out anyway? I just think that the idea of wearing two different types of studs in your ears gives your outfit a subtle quirkiness that isn’t overdone. I would personally wear these on a classy day trip with friends, a night out, or even a date. #yum.  
Store: Forever XII
Don’t mind me, simply stocking up on chokers for the impending choker-pocalypse. I absolutely love these two chokers though. Though I have found myself wearing the etched silver one more than the purple crystal. I think the reason why is because the silver one looks like its made from better quality, even though they both came from the same store. While I do love a good cheapo hack, the purple crystal looks a bit too plastic for me. The silver choker reminds me of the jewelry I used to wear as a 17/18 year old– all silver and black and punk rock. It breeds nostalgia, this does. But seriously though, I love these chokers for their sense of the macabre; they have a witchy romanticism about them that I very much appreciate. For now, I usually wear these on a normal day out– usually to college, because thats where I go everyday. Duh. 
Store: Topshop
I am running out of things to say on my jewelry. This is usually why I don’t do beauty product reviews. There is only so much you can wax poetic over an inanimate object. But yes, once again, I usually save these earrings for special occasions, they are the ones I go for when I want a more classy/sophisticated look that still suggests an air of edge. Also, the triangles are detachable, so you can wear them as little triangle studs as well. If you want. I personally like the triangles. 
Store: Forever XII
Now these earrings I have a very emotional relationship with. They are my beauteous statement earrings which I wear when I want my outfit to go BAM. Yah like that, say it with me– BAM. That was fun. They honestly just look so beautiful with any outfit. They have this geometric quality to them that lends a structure to most outfits, yet they are dramatic enough to create a story of their own–which is something I personally look for in my clothing/beauty pieces.  
Store: Some Random Shop in Jerusalem
I legit wear this key necklace, like everyday. It cost me five bucks. It was hidden among a bunch of other leather-oriented necklaces with tones of other brass shapes hanging off them. But I just liked the key. I usually wear this to work, to school, or when I consciously want to add a story-piece to my outfit. This key necklace would be great for any experimental outfit you want to try on a day out with friends. Or partner. 
Store: That Same Random Shop in Jerusalem
And I really like this picture. This is the other necklace I wear every single day. Again, it has that story-like quirky quality to it that just adds a conversation to your outfit. I also really love clocks, especially mini clocks, and wearing one on your neck with an awesome brass chain is something distinctly up my alley. Sometimes you need that Victorian aura in your outfits. Or maybe that’s just me. I really really love this necklace, I probably wear this more than I do anything else on this list. It’s  just so easy to wear, and so versatile– I’ve worn this to engagement parties, to work, on a day out, to college. It’s probably one of the best necklaces I have ever owned. And imagine, it was only five dollars. Also, the clock stopped working the day I bought it. Just wanna put that out there.

Well, that is all for today children. I hope you enjoyed this post where I gave you a play-by-play of all my jewelry. I actually very much enjoyed it, I can see why people do it all the time– it’s like talking to your friends, I should do this more often! Please do tell me if you enjoyed this post, so maybe I can do more of them! In the meantime–

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What are some pieces of jewelry that you keep gravitating to all the time? 
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