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This picture represents everything I went through this summer: first came the cover that masked my cage, then came the battle to break the cage, then came the building process to buildup my landscape–and then, far away–in the distance–my goal.

        This is my fourth attempt at writing this post.
A lot has happened during this summer. Among the more mundane things, I took a Shakespeare class in college [thoroughly enjoyed it, Driscoll–you rock], visited Seattle for a total of: 2 days. Don’t ask. And failed my drivers permit test [next time I’ll pass, pwomise]. However, a lot has happened to me over this summer that certainly was not mundane. I cannot and will not discuss everything that went on in my summer, because some things should remain private. However, I do want to discuss a lesson that my experiences taught me:

       Life is not the pain before your happiness. It is not an obstacle that you have to get through before you find your paradise. It is not a jagged road that only exists to reach the end. Life, in fact, is a landscape of various experiences and textures. It is everything together–the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly–to be tasted simultaneously. Life is simply an arena.
       Yes, we are thrown into crazy situations at extremely unexpected moments, but those moments are not deterrents from living your life– those crazy-awful moments are there to make you get up and fight life in the face.
       [OMG. My roommate is lying on the floor of my apartment scream-singing into her phone and I have half a mind to slap her with a fish. Except I don’t have a fish].
       Honestly, think of life like a video game– like Zelda or something; the characters in Zelda are given specific tools to combat the potential dangers in their landscape– their arena. It is very much possible that the Link dude (main character) could one day face a choice between entering a wooden door and going into the woods. And honestly, either a pot of gold, or the Ganondorf guy (the evil dude) could be hiding in either choice. Whatever choice you make, you will have to face the consequences–but it is up to you how you choose to react to them.
       This summer, I finally discovered my arena. I have always been dealt hefty blows, as has everyone in existence– but this was the first time that I stopped thinking of my obstacles as blocks of pain chipping away at my life. No. This time, I fully realized that my life was a fully arranged checkerboard–that it always had been–and no matter what life threw at me, whether it was sweet or bitter, it was always my move that impacted my checkerboard– it was always my actions, and reactions, to situations, that made an impact on my life.
       Therefore, I just want you to realize, dear virtual audience, that you were given one life to make with it what you will. Don’t make the mistake of trapping yourself in a self-made cage, burrowing under stale excuses that you can’t live your life because you have too many problems. Because if you keep waiting for Link to rescue you from your cage of “I Can’t”, you will live out the rest of your days waiting for your life to start–until you don’t have any more days left to experience. Life is NOW. RIGHT NOW. These precious seconds that are slipping away as you read this post– as I type these words– are the seconds that define who you are at this moment. Don’t be Zelda, trapped in a cage, always waiting for someone to rescue her– recognize your life for the arena that it is, and fight the problems, with everything you have, until you alone are left standing in that arena–the only one that survived.

Cynical Duchess.

What do you think is worth fighting for?
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