A Different Take On Mainstream


       So I recently moved from LA to NYC– a change that is both difficult and thrilling in many ways.  If anyone is interested, I could make a post about the move and the different changes that one could face when moving to such a different culture/climate. Just leave a comment below if you would be interested in reading something like that. I may just make it anyway.

       One of the biggest changes I faced when moving from LA to NY, was the public transportation. Everyone drives in LA, and if you don’t have a car, you might as well not be human. But in NY, the subway reigns. It’s so strange–so many people flitting in and out of your life. Absolute strangers that for a few minutes shared a piece of your life. I don’t think I want to commentate on every photo like I usually do. Every photo here tells a different story– one that I could not possibly explain in words. Sometimes pictures are just worth looking at for the pristine moments they depict– for the stories they hint at but never fully give away. A photo is like a well kept secret, compacting memories and lives and stories into just one frozen moment. They tell their stories so much better than I ever could. Well, here you go– I have nothing more to say.

Have you ever had a story to tell about a bus or a train?
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Cynical Duchess
PS– cn you please tell me if you like the size of these pictures? I’m trying something new and I don’t know if this size looks good, or simply hurts your eyes. If you can do me a favor, please do tell me what you think. Ciao!