A Different Take On Mainstream


       Yo People! How art thou? Today I have something kinda special for you: A) it is a fashion post. With my actual face. And B) it is a collab idea with Alice Young from The Velvet Black. I have been reading Alice’s fashion blog for eons, and have always loved her Avant Garde creations, and her personal take on retro and grunge. Each of her posts feature a unique backdrop, and her clothing creations are always so out there, and so her, that you always keep coming back for more. 
       That said, we decided to challenge each other to a fashion playoff. We picked a theme, and then challenged the other to create an outfit based off of that theme. The result was two looks– each unique and artistic, but so very different in everything else that you forget our inspiration came from the same source. After you have perused my side of the challenge, please do head on over HERE and check out what Alice did with the Chic Granny look. But for now, please, do sit back, relax, and dissect what Cynical Duchess had to say about what a Chic Granny looks like. 

So most of this outfit I got from my mom’s closet. When she was 30. In the 80’s. The shirt is completely vintage, filled with shoulder pads, a button that was falling off and I had to resew, and a look so unique that the designer never made a copy of it. I’m serious, there is only one shirt in existence that looks like the one I’m wearing, and I’m wearing it. That’s what appealed to my mom about the shirt when she first got it, it’s absolute and utter uniqueness. When I first found it in my mom’s closet when I was 14, I fell completely in love with it, but whenever I showed it to my friends they always told me that it was too out there to wear in public. Thus it sat forlornly in my closet, until a few years later, when I decided that actually, I didn’t care what other people think, and they can all go stick their heads in the sink for all I care, and I’m wearing the shirt, A’IGHT? 
      The reason why I chose this shirt for my Chic Granny look, is because of the otherworldly air it gives off. The puffed, billowing sleeves are like nothing I have ever seen before, and matched with the asymmetry of the white fabric against that slice of belted red, you get something completely out of history that I couldn’t resist playing around with. I gave it a more modern finish by tucking in the front part of the shirt into my pencil skirt, giving it that urban-casual air we twenty-something millennials love so much. 
I paired it with a pair of tuxedo heels to magnify the contrast effect, and I chose a messy updo to complete the look because what is more Granny, yet more chic than a messy updo?

The clutch is vintage as well, and I apologize to all animal lovers right now, but it is real alligator skin. Regardless of what we believe is okay and not okay to do to animals, (and no, I would never want to buy a piece of clothing where the animal has been killed for its skin, that is just horrendous), this is a piece of real history and there is nothing we can do about it. Years ago, wearing real furs and skins was a sign of status and prestige– it still is in many parts of the world, regardless of what stigma it has currently. And I can certainly imagine my grandmother walking out of some swinging party, clutching this alligator skin clutch, and laughing wildly with her girlfriends. Sorry If I am offending anyone by including it in the post. Believe me, I am a great believer in animal rights, but I also believe in history. 

Shirt–  80’s Vintage
Skirt– Loehmann’s (May he rest in peace)
Heels–Banana Republic
Clutch–Vintage (don’t know what era)
And that is that dear friends, I hope you enjoyed my take on The Chic Granny Look. Thank you so much to CB for taking these awesome photos. And explaining to random strangers why we were having a photo shoot in the middle of SoHo. 
AND NOW. please go on over and check out Alice’s take on The Chic Granny Look right HERE. <– right there. 
So until next time readers,
I love you all,
Cynical Duchess.