A Different Take On Mainstream


       Right so I don’t think this came out very inner child. Or perhaps it did–I really know not. Maybe you can tell me down in the comments. So you remember last week when I wrote up THIS POST which was a fashion challenge with Alice from The Velvet Black? And you remember how I came up with a theme and we both had to recreate that theme with our own styles? So this week it was her turn to choose a theme– and she went for a dichotomy– she chose Inner Child. The contrast to my Granny Chic. 
But I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve never had an inner child, even when I was a child I never had an inner child. I’ve always had an Inner Hipster instead. Not that I would necessarily call myself a hipster, but I was always that kid that was reading a giant book in the corner during recess. I was that kid who enjoyed being a tomboy just for the kicks of it– who would dangle worms in front of her friends’ faces just to see them squirm. And then I would laugh maniacally. I had an aversion to makeup until I entered Highschool, I refused to wear a purse until my mom and my best friend forced one upon me when I was 14 and a half. Suffice to say even then I was going against the mainstream. Or whatever mainstream translated into in the form of my middle school. 
       This giant sweater contraption is yet another creation from my mother’s Ye Olde Vintage Closet. She wore it quite proudly during the 80’s, and I do have to say– it is now the coolest thing hanging up in my closet. Thing is, this sweater was my childhood. I always remember dressing up in it, always wondering when the thing will actually fit me. I remember stealthily going into my mom’s closet, rooting through the forgotten memories at the bottom, until my little fingers would hit fade-tainted wool. Then I’d huff and puff until the giant thing was out, and over my little body. The hem covering my knees, and the ginormous sleeves hiding my giggling fingers. Then I’d rush in to the living room and twirl the golden-purple strings for my mom’s benefit.   

So yes. This ginormous purple sweater tunic does bring back loads of memories. In a way, it truly does bring back my inner child. But, as I have to do occasionally with many of my outfits– I have to insert that little bit of contrast: the earthy grunge, the macabre, the inner hipster. And so I added my almost broken down black combat boots (I wore them so much during my teens that the heel has eroded into only half a heel. I really must fix them). And my black pinstriped fedora. 
       While I initially got my fedora from my friend, (courtesy of her grandmother). Sorry Grandmother. I can tell you exactly where to get this exact fedora, anywhere in the world. Step one– look up what country you live in. Hopefully, you should already know that. Step two, go over to where there are usually street vendors selling cheep knockoff purses, and “Women’s Sunglasses”–sketchy stuff like that. Examples in the world would be the Carmel Shuk in Telaviv, Canal Street in Manhattan, Downtown LA–etc. Then, go over to the middle aged guy with the handle bar mustache shouting “HATS! HATS!” as if for dear life– and go buy yourself a black pinstriped fedora for $5-$20, depending on the cheapity of the vendor with the handlebar mustache. 
Sweater Tunic–80’s Vintage
Pencil Skirt–Forever XII
Fedora– Street Vendor w/ Handlebar Mustache
Combat Boots– DB Shoes
And that is what my Inner Child looks like! 
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Thus, I leave you all–
Until next week readers,
Cynical Duchess 
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