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Salutations Children,
       I am experiencing a minor bout of writer’s block and can’t seem to think of a single witty transition into the post. so I’m just gonna get on with the post, kay? 
     So  Eventbrite has this really uberly awesome challenge going on — they have been challenging people to create a fall bucket list of things we potentially would love to do this Autumn, in order to help promote GOMO. Now ya’ll are probably thinking, ‘what in the world is GOMO’? It is essentially the act of Going Out More Often, and is the antithesis of FOMO— Fear of Missing Out. Participating in GOMO thus allows the Humans of Planet Earth to actually get in touch with where they live, as opposed to watching the goings on of their fellow man through a tiny little screen. Basically, GOMO helps fight CPS— Couch Potato Syndrom. 
     It’s a real condition, don’t laugh. 

       For those of you who haven’t heard of Eventbrite, (that’s a link), it is the largest self service ticketing platform in the world. Eventbrite helps you find and plan, and even sell tickets for events of any category that are happening in your area. They have categories on their site ranging from Film & Media, to health, music, or even spirituality. You can also search for events by type, such as tournaments, screenings, festivals, or even performances. Whatever it is, Eventbrite has honestly got you covered. 

       Therefore, when I heard about Eventbrite’s mission to squash FOMO, I immediately made a fall bucket list. 
  • Visit Central Park
  • Find somewhere quirky and historic in Greenwich Village
  • Go to a hipster concert in Williamsburg
  • Eat at a raw vegan restaurant
  • Visit the Mmuseum
  • Go to Bergdorf Goodman
  • Order an Autumnal drink from Starbucks. 
       This past Sunday, I then challenged myself to see how many of these items on my bucket list I could complete in one day. Here is what happened:


       Before I talk about how pretty and autumnal Central Park was, I need to discuss what happened as I arrived there. Because this situation is exactly what GOMO is all about. I had never been to Central Park before, and was simply expecting a quiet walk through its leafy footpaths (I love that word—footpath), simply enjoying the leaves of fire planted in the midst of all the Manhattan Grey. What I did not expect were the swarms of people amassed around the park’s entrance. It was very strange, the closer I got to the park, the more people there seemed to be. Until I realized. Today was the New York Marathon, and Central Park was the finish line. 

       I hadn’t even realized that today was the Marathon. All around me, people had arrived to watch the runners making that finish. The runners had come from all over the country—even the world— to participate in this marathon. I heard Paris, Kansas, LA, Brazil— as the runners crossed the finish line. 

Too gorgeous to function. That is all I have to say. 

And then I saw this. The carousel was simply nestled in a corner of the park, surrounded by golden trees. And before you say anything, yes, I was alone, and yes, this is usually for children, but you know what? I DON’T REALLY CARE.  
 Just look at it. 
       I am currently in the midst of reading an absolute chick flick of a novel–Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. I really truly would add a lovely little summary about the series, but in truth, I’m lazy. Don’t worry, I linked a summary to the book title. I will say this though– it is quite the satirical novel about the rich and careless of Manhattan, written through the eyes of a  shallow New York party girl. Named Moi. Suffice to say, because Bergdorf’s is such an integral part of the book, and features so heavily in the lives of all the characters, I decided, now that I live in New York, I would have to see it for my self. Well, my jaw did drop just a tad. What? This place is a monstrosity–it never ends!   
       This is the interior, first floor holds jewelry and accessories. I was too afraid to take any more photos. Sorry. I honestly thought one of the snooty sales people would physically escort me out, probably muttering ‘pheasant’ under their breath or something. But ain’t it just gorgeous? 

       [pssst– I need to tell you a secret– I forgot to photograph my PSL when I ordered it, so I’m inserting this photo from my Instagram of when I got a peach chamomile tea from Starbucks. Sssh, don’t tell anyone]. So this is the PSL I got from Starbucks. I actually have no idea if a PSL is a thing, but my friend used the term when she ordered a PSL, and It felt very right with the Bergdorf Blonde vibe I was going for. Whatever, I’ll make it a thing. PS– it tasted extremely Autumnal. Mmmmmm. PPS– I got coconut milk in mine, instead of regular milk. Just thought you aught to know.     
       I read about this place on a hidden-things-to-do-in-NY website. It is basically America’s oldest operating apothecary. Opening in 1838, Bigelow’s apothecary has served the likes of Thomas Edison, (apparently, he came here for a salve for burnt fingers when he was working on early prototypes of the light bulb), Mark Twain, and Eleanor Roosevelt. In fact, they even sell a lot of the original tinctures and creations that they sold back when apothecaries were still a thing. This here, for example, is classic beard balm. I mean who doesn’t need that? I personally use it every day. (Not really, please don’t actually believe me).      

        So my birthday was about a month ago, but due to certain circumstances, I wasn’t able to properly celebrate it. I mean, I haven’t even bought myself presents,( which I usually do every year). However, as a treat that Sunday, one of my best friends decided to take me out to Caravan Of Dreams. An absolutely magical raw vegan place in Greenwich Village. Everything in the restaurant is vegan, organic, and kosher– which means that the place is extremely people friendly, I honestly can’t think of anyone who won’t be able to eat here. Except perhaps vegan haters. Furthermore, Caravan has a very vintage feel to the place, with weathered brick walls and quirky paintings everywhere. This is my second ever legally bought alcoholic drink. Europeans be quiet. It was a mojito of some sort to which I forgot the name of. My friend, who is still 20, meanwhile ordered the #NO. 1 smoothie. Strawberries, dates, vanilla bean, maca, and goji berries were some of the ingredients, to name a few.  
 For the main entree, I ordered the Raw Sampler. Squash manicotti with cashew kefir cheese, beet ravioli, raw/live sauerkraut, and raw vegan meatballs in sauce are just a few things that were on this plate before I devoured it all. 
 My BFF got the Pizzetta. Please just look at this thing, its beautiful. 
       Lastly, for dessert, I ordered the Coco Mango Pie. It was just as delicious as it looks. And believe it or not, everything is made out of raw ingredients. I also do have to say, simply in the spirit of GOMO, that we met a lovely girl named Danielle, who actually is a raw vegan. My BFF and I are simply wannabes who try to be raw vegans, so we get really jealous when we meet actual raw vegans. I am mentioning Danielle, simply because A) I would not have met her if it had not been for Eventbrite and their crazy GOMO quest, and B) because Danielle happens to have an excellent vegan Instagram under the name vegancoolkids where she posts tons of different photos and reviews of wonderful vegan food. You guys should really check it out.   
       And that, dear ones, is what happened when Cynical Duchess decided to GOMO in New York City. I want to thank Eventbrite so much for this awesome idea, and for creating a movement that makes us remember that we are alive.
       And with that, I want to challenge YOU, dear readers, to GOMO in your city. Go out, explore where you live! And later, maybe write a cheeky blog post about it ;). 
Eventbrite <– clickety click 😉 
Danielle’s Instagram– vegancoolkids  
Have you ever GOMO’ed in your city?
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Cynical Duchess.