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       I realize that I am publishing this post on the second night of Chanukah, christmas day, and the day before kwanzaa begins. Yes, I am aware. There is however a reason for this. You see, I can sometimes be one of those people– you know the type– the type that waits until the very last minute to get a gift– the type that wraps up the present an hour before the party begins–yah, that type. And while there are many gift guides out there for the DIY friendly, those disgustingly annoying people who come skipping into your house with some cutesy, Pinterest-looking object that seems like it’s worth $50, but upon further inquiry, is revealed to be something said annoying DIY person simply cobbled together out of cotton balls and twine– I hate those people– there aren’t that many gift guides for the lazy, can’t be bothered, degenerates of the world. *Ahem* me. 
       Let me put out a disclaimer here however– just because something is done at the spur of the moment, does not necessarily mean that there was no thought or love put into it. Sometimes, the best ideas happen to be the most impulsive ones; and while it is always better to plan things in advance, and indeed, time and effort do usually have a better payoff, sometimes, one really does not have time to craft or buy presents until the literal last minute. Which is when my gift guide comes in handy. I feel so smug right now. Well then here you go– 5 quick, easy and cheap gift ideas for the degenerates who waited until the 2nd night of Chanukah, christmas day, and the day before kwanzaa. Onward:


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        I know not everyone is musically inclined. And I also know that writing isn’t everyone’s thing. But if it is something that you like to do, writing a funny or heartfelt poem or song to someone you love, or at least like–can actually garner a very positive outcome. I know that one of my friends wrote a beautiful song for me once, she even set it to piano, and when she sang it for me, I can honestly say that it was one of the most heartfelt gifts I had ever received. Therefore, if you find yourself with a few moments to spare today, simply sit down, and pour out the words onto that paper. Set it to a jingle if you like, or perhaps try to make up your own tune. You don’t even need to make it a song– create a free verse poem for all I care! But in any case, since you have found yourself in the predicament where it is the actual holiday right now as we speak, and you still have no present, writing a creative poem or song for that person you appreciate (hopefully), is definitely a quick, cheap and heartfelt gift. Then after the person oohs and aahs over your poem and starts looking around for your actual gift, you can then tell him/her that the real thing is, er, coming in the mail. (That will give you a bit of time. Also, please see number 5 on this list). 
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This one is too simple to function. I guess this actually comes under ones of those annoying DIY projects that looks like you spent $50, when in reality, you spent almost nothing. Here’s what you do– you take a mason jar, if you don’t have one, well, why? Well then I guess you can refer to #1. OH WHATEVER. Take the mason jar, and insert a photo of you and the person you want to give this mason jar to. I mean, you don’t have to put a picture of you and that person, you could, in fact, put a picture of a cactus inside, I mean do what you want. But making things personal is preferable. Then, go into your mother’s pantry, and locate the oil. If you have no oil–WELL THEN WHAT KIND OF HUMAN ARE YOU?  Then please refer to #1. Fill up the mason jar and picture, with the oil that you have in your pantry, perhaps put a sprig of lavender as well, just like the picture shows–and screw up the lid. (That part is very important). You now have an awesome $50 looking present which you made in 5 minutes, and cost you almost nothing. You’re welcome. 

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Don’t you dare tell me that you wouldn’t want to receive a packet of these. I mean, imagine if your roommate or sibling handed an envelope to you on the holidays. And inside the envelope was a voucher for a ten minute massage, a take-out-the-trash gift certificate, and an I’ll organize your room ONCE coupon. Don’t tell me that won’t make your year. I mean, it would make my life. As for the packaging– since this is a gift where it is REALLY the thought that counts, you can make it as cutesy or as degenerate as you want it to be. If you have more time, create and print some cute vouchers online. A good website to do this would be Canva.com. It is basically graphic design for clueless people, mostly free, where you can design whatever flyer/poster/twitter header you want. Or you can just grab some construction paper and sharpies and go crazy. Whatever it is, this gift will take you ten minutes to prepare MAX. And it’s basically free. Except you are basically enslaving yourself to your roommate and/or sibling. Moving on.   

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This one will literally take you 5 minutes. Find a jar, find some candy, and fill ‘er up. If you don’t have candy or chocolates in your house– do not fear– Walgreens is open today! So go on over to the nearest drugstore near you and buy as much candy or chocolate as your heart desires. Then while you are at it, maybe pick up a cute container or mason jar, perhaps a nice hang tag or card, and you have the loveliest present that didn’t take you like, 2 seconds to prepare, noooooo. Who would ever say such a thing like that?

        This is probably one of the smartest ideas on here. Now mind you– this is for lazy people who don’t want to have to shop around a gazillion stores for a gazillion different gifts. This is Apparel Candy. It is a wholesale clothing website that specializes in fashion by the bulk. If you have a lot of family members, or a lot of high school friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and you know that you want to get them a gift, but college is killing you, and the hunt for extremely cute and extremely cheap and extremely different items just aint gonna cut it for this year–then Apparel Candy is your answer. The website offers extremely affordable clothing and accessory options, which you can then buy in packs.  For example, this awesome navy blue sweater shown above comes in a pack of 6.  Six of these sweaters comes out to $60 total. As a Holiday gift, you have just spent $60 for 6 presents– that comes out to $10 per person. And I think that’s pretty awesome. Furthermore, it also saves you the time and energy that you would otherwise normally spend on going from shop to shop trying to find presents FOR EVERYBODY. Like this, with one click, you have finished with 6 people. 
Also, Apparel Candy happens to have a killer collection of sunglasses, so lets review those quickly:
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And that is all Lovelies!
I hope you enjoyed this post inspired by the spirit of The Last Minute. Thank you so much to Apparel Candy for inspiring this post with their website.
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