A Different Take On Mainstream


       Ever since I knew what a blog was, I knew that I wanted one. I had always been a writer, scribbling bits of stories on my notebook margins, singing shreds of made up song as I tidied my things, even inventing strange and fantastical lives for the strangers in the cars whizzing past me on the road to wherever. I stumbled across the blogosphere by accident really, a bit of arrant luck that was kindly thrown my way from above. I had just left an online writers’ community that had left me reeling for a few reasons that I am not ready to discuss as of yet, and I was missing that sense of literary community. That great feeling one gets when creating something wondrous, and sharing it with like minded people—and especially in my case, people who tended to look beyond the mainstream. I started my blogging journey like most bloggers did—more or less attempting to write a beauty blog. At first I really thought I could get away with it; I even made this post which was originally an attempt at summer nails, until I realized that really, I was never good at seasonal beautymaking, I still am not, and so the post turned into Funky Nails in General. I should have known then. Over time, I worked to break out of my shell and actually write the words that were really burning inside my head. I had so many crazy ideas—I still do— but I was always so scared to turn them into reality, lest someone point their finger and say those fatal words: I don’t like it. 

       It was mid last year when I finally admitted to myself that I was never meant to be a mainstream lifestyle blogger. Every great idea I kept coming up with was too different from what everyone else was doing, too out there for the compact blogger world. And then I wrote This Post depicting my midlife blogger crisis. And so I kept writing, a little aimlessly, always wondering in the back of my mind what my blog was supposed to stand for. I didn’t        realize then that I always had a brand, it was just waiting for me to acknowledge it.

   You see, one of my prime joys in life is unearthing beauty just under the radar.          Because while the Mainstream may flow loudly and brilliantly, we often overlook the whisperings of beauty hidden subtly in the Everywhere Else, because we simply just weren’t looking. And with this idea in mind, I have finally discovered My Brand— what Cynical Duchess is truly all about. Well— Cynical Duchess is a lifestyle blog that promotes the road untaken. I celebrate the obscure, and search for beauty hidden strictly under the radar. Through the catalysts of Fashion, Books, Travel, Music—and other Cool Shtuff, I will document a lifestyle with a different take on Mainstream. And while this may not be for everyone, I am perfectly fine with that— because I am not trying to appeal to Everyone; there are already bloggers out there who do it better than I could. Because really, as no one has so famously remarked yet, “you can take Everyone— I’ll have The Others”. And that’s what I choose to stand for instead. 

Thus, until next week readers,


Cynical Duchess. 

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