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Hello Hello, Montgomery Montgomery! 
— Whoever knows that reference gets 15 Duchess points. So we all know I’m a geek. I listen to classical music, I like watching Kdramas, the last time I purposely wore something in style was never– you get the point. Also, none of you ever met me during my Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Downton Abbey fixations. To say I was obsessed is an understatement. Also, I must mention–my cell phone cover is a section from Alice in Wonderland– words, illustrations and all–with a TARDIS grafted onto it. Yup. The thing is, none of these interests are really conducive to a healthy extroverted lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong– I have an excellent sense of adventure, and I have many friends. In fact, I do quite love to go to a nice party or two (ones where they don’t do anything illicit, that is). However, if you ask me what my ideal night would be, it would definitely be spent with one or two of my friends, in our PJ’s, watching some ridiculously obscure film. S– I’m looking at you. When you come back from studying abroad in Who Knows Where, we need to finish Monty Python. We only got up to the Knights who say Nee!
       And then I heard about Luma’s campaign. What is Luma, you ask? ‘Tis an ingenious device which delivers fast surround Wifi to every room in your house, all on its own. It even recognizes when an object may block the internet signal, and automatically works around it so you still get fast Wifi. It even enables fast Wifi when every internet device is being used at the same time. I think the best bit about Luma however, is the little button you can press which automatically shuts off the internet, so that when you are having a get together with your family or friends, and the constant iPhoning is getting a li’l bit obnoxious, you can simply press the button, and Poof! No more Wifi for anyone. Thing is, Luma is holding a campaign about the Ultimate Winter’s Night In. I decided to take that idea for a spin and turn it into the Ultimate Geek’s Night In. And so, through extensive and unprofessional research, I have thus compiled the ultimate guide for the perfect Geeky Night In. Thou Art Very Welcome.





For any Geek’s night in to function semi normally, one requires a set of pajamas. But not just any set of pajamas–oh no– these need to be your geekiest, your craziest, your most embarrassing set of literary-fandom esque-gamer crazy-Disney lover pajamas. You see, when getting into the geeky spirit, you really need to do it with gusto, otherwise it doesn’t work. Half the fun is embalming yourself with as much geeky absurdity as possible before settling down to perform the geeky activities of the night. My favorite geeky pajama set happens to be quite subtle. I am quite a literature lover, so my set has quite a lot of literary references. I customized this shirt for free at a Gap pop up store. The Quote is “We are all mad here” from one of my favorite books, Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carol. It’s also a pretty awesome quote. It’s also quite true. My favorite pants, which unfortunately I can’t show you, are a pair of simply grey ones which I took the liberty of writing all of my favorite literary quotes all over in black sharpie. I have Carpe Diem, references from T.S Eliot’s The Wasteland, Auden’s The Unknown Citizen, I have Dylan Thomas on there– a bunch of rockstars. The reason why I can’t show them to you however, is because I accidentally left them in LA. I know. Tragic. I also have this purple cat-ear infinity scarf that one of my best friends knitted for me a few years back. It just makes anything look more funky. It’s also very warm, and very cozy– which is perfect for a geeky winter night in.



No Geek’s night in is complete without an array of classically nerdy snacks. Because I am a bit of a health freak, which if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed, any snack in my geek’s night in would have quite a healthy spin to it. Some of my favorite fake junk foods include dark chocolate drizzled popcorn, which you can either buy in places like Trader Joe’s, or simply make on your own. Something like chocolate drizzled popcorn is great for a movie night when you want something sweet to snack on, but not something too heavy in the junk food department. Another  great healthy sweet snack would be cacao and cinnamon date energy balls, which are extremely easy to make if you have a food processor or blender. If you do not own a food processor or blender, which I don’t, yet, then just buy a bunch of Lara bars. And of course, please don’t forget your choice of hot chocolate and/or teas. A geek’s night in has not even started before you’ve had a sip of substitute booze. I also tend to keep a wine bottle on the table filled with water. Because I’m cool like that.





So this category varies from person to person. There are so many variations of geek, and so many concentrations of interest, that a geek get together can look very different according to where your interests lie. My best friend S, for one, loves Lord of The Rings, so for her, an ultimate get together would probably consist of an LOTR marathon, with perhaps a few games of Magic thrown into the mix. I once spent a night at her house making a raw chocolate-avocado cake while listening to The Hobbit on audio tape. While I have another friend, SB, who absolutely loves Japanese manga and anime. A geek night at her house would look completely different. Therefore, because of these discrepancies, I am splitting this category into 3 subcategories:
Now a geek night at a gamer’s place must consist of at least three people, and either a long and complicated game that could go on for hours, such as Dungeons and Dragons, or, a vast array of various games to be played throughout the night. For a good classic game of Dungeons and Dragons, which honestly, deserves its own category for its sheer awesomeness, the more people you can stuff into your house, the better. Also, make sure these people are at least semi creative and somewhat intelligent. (This is a game where you have to make most of it up as you go along). Lastly, if you plan on simply getting together with friends to play a couple of board games or cards, plan on having at least three people stay over, and plan on having a lot of games at hand. Because I’m an English freak, I of course recommend Apples to Apples, Taboo, Bananagrams, Balderdash, and even Chess or Checkers. Gosh, even a good classic game of Truth or Dare is excellent to play on such a night!
There have certainly been times when I have gone over to a friend’s house simply to read a book next to her on her bed. I have one friend, K, whom whenever I go over to her house, we always end up somehow on her bed, devouring her bookshelf. I really don’t know why. There is simply just something about that companionship you accomplish when you lay side by side together, breathing in the paper, the words, and the silence. Also, it’s really funny when the person next to you snorts out of no where, because she just read something funny in her book, but really she just looks ridiculous. It gets even funnier when you end up doing it.



This is probably the most classic of geek nights. That night when you get to gather with a friend or two, get a bowl of popcorn, and simply binge watch your hearts out. You don’t need anything else for this night, just a good working laptop, and one or two great movies or TV shows. My personal favorites would be a Harry Potter marathon (with scarf and wand), a musical & Disney binge– (I’m feeling Newsies and Mulan right now, yaaaas), an intellectual night, featuring the likes of Forest Gump or anything Robin Williams– Or of course, the TV night. JUST BRING ON THE BBC BABY. OR THE KDRAMAS. BRING THEM BOTH ON.
Ok, so this post has gotten way too long, once again, but I really hope you enjoyed my guide to a geek’s night in. Please do tell me down in the comments if you would like to see more Geek guides, because I really do have a slew of them up in my brain. I would also like to thank Luma for inspiring this post with their product and campaign.
What do you do on a night in with friends?
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