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I am currently dressed like an over the top hipster, and I am wondering whether I look too ridiculous to go outside. Nah.

Anyway, today I bring to you a collaboration with the lovely Lu from She Loves Clothes. This collab actually wasn’t my idea– that credit goes to my friend BT–however, it was such a good idea that I decided to steal it, and make it my own. So I asked Lu to put her iPod on shuffle for me–no skipping–take the first 5 songs that come up, and describe what they mean to her. I honestly figured that this would be a good way for me to hear new music. Because I then decided to take every song Lu described to me, listen to it myself, and offer my own interpretations as well. WARNING: these are my raw honest opinions as I hear the songs for the first time. Take them or leave them. But first, a message from Lu:

Lu: Music, for me, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I believe that if I had the time and talent I would most certainly be a musician (but this is not the case haha). Even so, I find it incredible how the music is so integrated into our day to day that sometimes we don’t even realize how important it is. A simple song can change your mood, your way of seeing a problem, or even your perception of the world. That’s why I listen to music every single day. To renew the mind, to always be full of inspirations and good vibrations!

Me: *everything bolded is a link. Just so you know. ONWARD!

I. Ignorance — Paramore

Lu: The first song that popped up when I called in random mode was (incredibly) Ignorance from Paramore! I love Paramore and, I must admit, I have a strong connection to this band. Especially because it was one of the first bands that I really became a fan haha. But anyway, I didn’t even know I still had this song in my playlist! I love the aggressiveness contained in this song. I mean, it has a great, buzzing beat, something like a moderate punk rock, and yes I love that kind of music!!

Me: So I’ve heard of Paramore, but I’ve never actually heard anything by them, surprisingly. This song is absolutely amazing! The beat immediately hits you in the face and streams its way into your blood, like a drug. This is obviously a very healthy rock song, and what makes it even cooler is the fact that the lead singer is female—cuz I barely have any female rock singers on my iPod. Also, those lyrics!! They get you in the gut, and twist themselves in with their reality. They are so rough, and blunt and relatable. They honestly remind me of a “friend” I had in 9th grade. If you want to know what happened with that friend, check out this song and read the lyrics— it’s like they were made for that time in my life. Yup, I’m adding this to my iPod.

II. Tarantula — The Smashing Pumpkins

Lu: The second song was Tarantula from The Smashing Pumpkins, what not surprises me very much because I’m listening a lot to Smashing Pumpkins lately. As I’m a sucker for alternative rock, this was of if wait haha. I like this music so freaking much because it has some rad guitar solos in my opinion. Besides, I love the majority of the songs of this band then, this was foreseeable.

Me: So I know that The Smashing Pumpkins are a 90’s grunge band–but that’s all I know about them. I first heard about them from a book I read last year– The Carnival At Bray–which I also reviewed on this blog, so you can check that out HERE! Ok, so the guitar riffs are really rad. Ooooh! It has that signature mellow-rock sound of the 20th century–you can never get that anymore. I love the lyrics as well! They are so post modern and abstract, and I can barely understand them! You can obviously tell that a poet was behind these words, as the lyrics are quite artistic in their crypticness. Fave line: “We are the real, if real ever was.” I like this enough to add it to my Spotify, but maybe not to my iPod yet–I still need to get used to the sound.

III. Dead Memories — Slipknot

Low key, this was the least scary CD cover they made.

Lu: The third song was Dead Memories from Slipknot. I used to listen to this band a lot a couple of years ago. I listened to trash metal like crazy, but after a while I decided to try other rock genres. I kept this song on my playlist because I really like the lyrics and, moreover, continues to have a frenetic beat.

Me: So I’ve never heard of Slipknot, or Trash Metal, so this is going to be interesting. Ok, Nope. Nope. These lyrics are making me depressed, and the beat is too rough for me. It’s not even that harsh I’m just waiting for him to burst into shrieks any minute. But one sec— let me actually finish the song before I make any judgements. Right. Nope. I haven’t been in a terrible relationship yet to make me relate to these lyrics (not that I purposely want to be in one), and I don’t like rough heavy guitar riffs—  it grates at my lungs. But that’s just me—there are so many people out there who can and will relate to this song, So check it out regardless of my opinion. Verdict: Trash Metal– not for me.

IV. Doesn’t Remind Me — Audioslave

Lu: The fourth song was Doesn’t Remind Me from Audioslave. I just like some songs from this band, and that’s one of them. This song has a great beat and a really good lyrics. Once again, a song that fits purely into the alternative rock genre, which I love so so much.

Me: Audioslave is yet another band that I have never heard of. And here I was calling myself a music snob! Wow. This song is so relatable. I feel like this song is talking about grief, about a person trying to forget his grief by immersing himself in everything unfamiliar. He “walks the streets of Japan till he gets lost, studies strangers’ faces, and drives backward in the fog– ’cause it doesn’t remind [him] of anything thing.” I can relate so much to this–it’s scary. About a few months back, I faced some major grief in my life–so much to the point that I immersed myself fully in everything unfamiliar, just to escape my grief and forget. I started watching dramas in other languages, I switched my major from English to Journalism–and strangely, I got in to Kpop. But that tangent is for a separate post. Verdict: would listen from time to time on Youtube.

V. Life’s A Gas — Sunflower Bean (Cover)

Lu: The fifth song was Life’s a Gas from Sunflower Bean. This song is a cover version, actually. Sunflower Bean has become one of my favorite bands, because their songs are so full of personality. In my opinion, with each passing day, it has been getting better and better. But anyway, I really like the lyrics of this song. It’s so simple and so complete at the same time. Even though it was not made by them, the version they recorded was soo good!

Me: The first time I heard about Sunflower Bean was actually when Lu told me about them in the comments section of my Top 5 Indie Rock Bands post. I’ve wanted to check them out ever since, so this is definitely a good excuse. The song is really calming, and the lead singer (female) has a very breathy voice–the type that I usually like to listen to. While I’m not so sold on this particular song, the band definitely sounds like something I want to check out deeper. They sound like they may have some real musical gems in their EP and I’m really excited that Lu introduced them to me!

Well, that is it for this overly long post! Thank you so much Luciana for adding so much to this collaboration–you should know, I’ve already downloaded Paramore’s Ignorance onto my iPod!

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