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Space: By CHLOE

   So one of my low key passions is healthy exotic food. I love cooking dishes from all over the world, and trying to make them as healthy as possible. My father and I even used to have a game at some point—whenever my mom had a business trip, and I was left to be the head of house, we’d pick a random country, and I would recreate a dish from there. I’ve ended up recreating South American citrus fish, Mediterranean ground beef with pomegranates and kalamata olives, Italian chicken cachetori, even some Asian inspired meatballs with walnuts and almond milk. Suffice to say, I love healthy colorful food from all over the world. Therefore, it would only make sense that I love trying out different healthy restaurants known for their quirky feel. I can’t do it all the time, because these thangs cost something called money, but at certain intervals, usually right after I get my paycheck, I like to go out with my friend, usually RH— who takes the pretty photos you see on my fashion posts—and try out all the quirky, usually vegan, restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan. So basically, this here post is a round up of all the vegan cafes and eateries we hit in the past few months, and what we thought of them.

        The first thing you notice about By CHLOE is the space. Each location is decorated and designed with a unique and specific look in mind, so that no two Chloe’s in any place look exactly the same. By CHLOE is your general vegan restaurant— while there is no specific theme except for that all around quirky feel, the place definitely has quite a happening, urban vibe. Like if the hipsters over 40 go to Peacefood Cafe, the hipsters under 30 come here. I don’t know where the inbetweeners go. The thing about By CHLOE, is that it is definitely one of those “faker” vegan restaurants—where they recreate everything dairy or meat using only vegan ingredients. We ordered a macaroni and cheese on the side, where the cheese was made out of cashews, as well as a quinoa taco salad pictured above, with spicy seitan as the alternative for meat.
Last thoughts: quirky urban vibe, It’s like fast food– but vegan style. Great location/varying locations.

The space: Peacefood Cafe is definitely going for that quirky vibe, with plenty of chandeliers, and lots of paintings on the wall—ranging from abstract to Mickey Mouse. The chairs were of a varying black and red, placed strategically around tables in that haphazard sort of way. We sat by the windows, so a lot of light was able to stream in around our table, and it allowed us a great view of all the passersby out on the busy street.

The food: I ordered the vegan clam chowder soup, with a side of tempeh salad, as well as a raw vegan key lime pie for dessert. I must be honest: the food lacked pizzazz. I felt like I walked into my kitchen and had to pay people money for them to open my fridge. I had to ask them for crostini to dip into my soup because it was so boring to eat on its own. And I definitely could have made that tempeh salad at home. However— dessert was exceptional. The key lime pie was absolutely delicious; it looked beautiful, and it was 100% healthy, having been made from only raw ingredients. If you ever want to come here, I definitely recommend getting one of the desserts, as everything we saw looked amazing. There was even this couple next to me that was digging into the most succulent looking carrot cake you have ever seen. My mouth is watering now, just thinking of it.

Last thoughts: That quirky place to go to for hipsters over 40. Get their desserts as they are also a bakery. They are amazing.



Think of this place as a raw vegan drive through. A fast food joint for health freaks. While it isn’t a cafe or a restaurant, as they only sell juices and freezes, I have definitely gotten a cold pressed for both breakfast, lunch and dinner before. Okay, maybe dinner wasn’t such a good idea. But still— their portions are large, filling, delicious, and very very healthy.  They don’t however, have a variety of flavors, as the freezes only come in greens, strawberry-almond, chocolate, and vanilla bean. Yet every flavor is still so delicious, tastes exactly like a froyo, and is made completely from fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. They also have crazy toppings that you can put on the freezes— like pink himalayan salt, cacao syrup, salted almond butter, or simply berries and granola. Moreover— that is such an essay word, moreover— you can also buy plenty of cold pressed juices and shots with varying ingredients and health benefits. Also– the place is extremely Instagrammable. Pressed Juicery has amazing lighting, and there are even these white benches connected to the walls, which you can place your freeze on and give it a mini photoshoot. Furthermore— another essay word, my high school English teacher would be proud— the place is located smack in the middle of 14th Street.  Just a few stores down from the Union Square station, and directly across the street from my favorite skincare store—Nature Republic. ;D

–There is one other place we went, but I want to save it for a best of the month post I have coming up. Because it literally was one of the highlights of my month, and I want to spend more detailed time talking about it as opposed to less. And thus, I leave you now. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my little foodie adventure around Manhattan, slowly but surely trying out all the quirky eateries that exist here.

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Peace out,

Cynical Duchess

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