A Different Take On Mainstream


Denim Jacket– Ragstock

Dress– Random shop in Israel

Tights– Yaffo Street, Jerusalem

Combats– Borne Concept

Choker– Forever XII

Backpack– H&M


       Hello children! I am currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota– and sitting in the Mall of America, waiting for it to open. The reason for my horrible posting schedule lately, is simply because I have been busy packing up my life once again–making arrangements, finding a new place to live, stuffing my life into tiny suitcases–things like that. I see I don’t have time once again for a real post, so please enjoy this piece of randomness until I am officially back on schedule next week.

  1. When ever I cross the street, I always picture my death by car smashing. It’s really bad. I should get therapy.
  2. I crave vegetables. All the time. Cake doesn’t do it for me. Just vegetables.
  3. I’ve lost count how many times I have read Harry Potter– it was definitely over ten by the time I was 14.
  4. I used to have pretty straight hair when I was younger. Then I turned 16–and poof! I was a curly top.
  5. I consider myself a middle eastern mutt– I am of Israeli, Syrian, Iraqi and Egyptian descent.

  1. I haven’t worn ballet flats since I was 13 years old.
  2. When I move to Boston this Autumn, I will have lived in 4 different cities– LA, Jerusalem, New York City, Boston
  3. I love to stare at people on the subway and figure out their lives. It gives me a thrill.
  4. I stalk all my dates on Google before I go out with them. This is comprehensive research I tell you–not amateur stuff.
  5. I love thrift shopping more than I like regular shopping.

  1. When I was 12-14, I went through a serious tomboy phase. I wouldn’t even tie my shoes–too girly.
  2. I speak fluent Hebrew.
  3. I prefer guys who are short because then I can look them in the face, instead of staring at their chest like I’m some fetus.
  4. I am currently listening to Ignorance by Paramore (courtesy of Lu–from our music collab).
  5. I wore way too much eyeliner in high school. On purpose.

  1. I hitchhiked once. Across a farm. ;D
  2. I haven’t had soda since the 8th grade.
  3. States I’ve visited so far: California, Nevada, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota.
  4. I hate sunshine.
  5. And I don’t like getting tan.

  1. I would rather go to the dentist then sit through a sports game.
  2. I taught 9th grade English at the age of 20 years old. Don’t ask.
  3. Male knees creep me out.
  4. I do not have a driver’s license yet. *Hangs head in shame.
  5. I seriously have to go to the bathroom.

What’s a strange fact about you?

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