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Writer’s block– go away NOW. I have work at 8:00 AM tomorrow, and a quiz on Korean numbers–so you’re not allowed to make me stall in front of the laptop, looking for words that are already there.

Now then.

You don’t even know how excited I was when Maria, from Short Girl Long Jacket, messaged me that she was going to be in New York for the week. For one, I had never met another blogger face to face before. Just putting a voice to written words, and a human to an image that I had followed and commented on through a screen for so long– was seriously one of the most surreal experiences of my life. If I am not mistaken, I think the first thing I said to Maria, after “Hi” of course, was “WE’RE THE SAME SIZE!”. Because legit, we are the same size. She’s a bit taller though.

Needless to say, when we both knew that we would be in the same city for a week, it was an obvious DUH that we would collab. Like honestly, did you actually think otherwise? To read the awesome Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion collab we did together, check out Maria’s post HERE! But for now—


Greenwhich Village

One of the first places we wandered into was Greenwich Village– the ancient artists’ hub of the early twentieth century. Except for the obnoxious smattering of NYU buildings everywhere, Greenwich Village has stayed relatively timeless, even as we’ve replaced poetic pipes with vape thingies, and literary discussion with Gossip Girl. Honestly though, just imagine O. Henry living in one of these paint-like buildings during the bitter Winter, dreaming up the story that would become The Last Leaf. I can almost see it painted on one of these facades– just like in the story. If you were wondering what Maria and I discussed as we meandered through history– it was Vancouver slang and pronunciation. Very fascinating indeed. Did you know they have their own midwest? I didn’t. lol.

One of the last purely residential streets in greenwich village. We also saw a student tour from NYU come in to this little street as we were taking shots, and basically explain the same thing. She was wearing a pixie costume.


This was actually the first place we went to. Surprisingly, I had only ever been here once when I was still living in LA last year, and had only come into NYC for the week. It’s still strange to me to see these pockets of quiet and peace, right amidst all the background noise that is New York City. So I know that this fountain is famous, and I know this park is famous– but I really don’t know what for. I am honestly so bad with “famous” landmarks. I haven’t even seen the Statue of Liberty yet.

So this is really bad, but I’m taking Korean in college, and now, every time I see Korean people, I always try to eavesdrop on their conversation to see what I can understand. I was too far away here though. Although from this picture I am assuming it was something like– “Did you get the photo?” “Make sure to position the camera in this angle k?” “One sec, move–let me take the photo!” Or something.

Chelsea Highline

So this was entirely Maria and Kirill’s doing. (Kirill is Maria’s boyfriend and I was very excited to meet the dude behind all of Maria’s excellent photos). ¬†From what they said, some random person they met actually told them about this place– and I’m really glad Random Person did, as I had never heard of the Chelsea Highline before. It actually used to be a train track going through Manhattan, but over time, it has become a beautiful walkway starting from the Meatpacking district, and ending in Chelsea.


We actually stumbled into this place after it started to rain quite heavily. We are not even talking about how it was flipping June and it was raining. Heavily. I actually think Kirill said something along the line’s of “it is raining, and this is not fun anymore”, when we all unanimously decided to go find some dry, warm place to grab a bite to eat and rest our wandering feet. Ha. That rhymed. And so we randomly entered this nondescript building marked the “Chelsea Market”. What we saw when we entered made my jaw drop. Imagine a labyrinth of quirky shops, hipster eateries, and the all around vibes of a bohemian farmer’s market. That, my friends, was the Chelsea Market. And if you’d like to know what we spoke about– we discussed whether there was a difference between Kosher salt and regular salt (there isn’t)– and how horse meat is actually a delicacy in Kazakstan. I know, we’re interesting people.

I am so glad to have finally met Maria, after reading her words for so long. Trust me, she is even more awesome in person. I especially love her smile. So genuine. <3

Have you ever met another blogger IRL?

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