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Harold Square

Yah so I’m just gonna get right into it. A few Sundays ago, I randomly got off on the subway station marked Harold Square, just to see what I could discover about the place by simply walking around. I mean you have to feel bad for poor little Harold Square– it seriously is an ignored piece of Manhattan compared to its shiny older siblings, Times Square and Union Square (of which I wrote about extensively in my Newbie’s Guide To Union Square post). Therefore, because I felt bad for the place, and because I have nothing better to do, I challenged myself to discover at least one cool spot in this skipped over piece of Manhattan awesomeness. It wasn’t hard.

PS: Just saying, because I basically wandered like a blind dog throughout most of this post,  just stumbling into whatever nook and cranny caught my eye, this is going to be more of an interactive guide. Meaning I’m not even going to bother pretending like I know all the secrets of this place inside and out. Whatever I photographed is exactly how much I know about Harold Square. So let’s go on and see what Cynical Duchess discovered, shall we?


Manhattan Street Style

That dude is a stylish dude. Look at him, with his rolled up, over the ankle black jeans and urban outfitter’s bag. I wonder where Urban Outfitter’s is located there– I didn’t see it when I visited Harold. Next time, next time. Also, the awning this couple is standing under happens to be New York’s flagship Macy’s store– and one of the largest Macy’s in the world. And it was in Harold Square–who would’a thunk. Also, the dude behind them is really muscular. Just saying.

Manhattan Harold Square Photography

I love this photo. It so vividly depicts that frenzied mass of people– that crush of humanity that almost swallows you up whenever you walk anywhere in Manhattan. Such a frenetic atmosphere may not be for everyone– which is why places like Wyoming exist–(no offense to Wyoming, I’m sure it’s a very special place)– but Manhattan gives me energy every time I step in there.

Halal NYC Street Food

Ah yes, the famous food carts of New York City. I can try to be all poetic, describing how the varying Halal aromas often intermingle with the asphalt, and the cloudiness of the day, to create a scent so unique to Manhattan–but I’m not gonna do that. Instead I’m just gonna say that these food carts sell beef hot dogs and Halal meat and it’s apparently supposed to be very good.  Or so I’ve heard. They could be lying. They probably aren’t.

NYC Street Carts

MORE FOOD CARTS! SHE HAS PINK HAIR! I WANT PINK HAIR! Also, I mentioned this on my Instagram when I posted this photo– but it’s amazing how much of a dichotomy there is between LA street food and NY street food. LA sells cut up fruit from the streets, the word ‘hot dog’ just as bad as a four letter word–while New York just sells hot dogs. Yah. I wonder what Wyoming sells.

Manhattan Harold Square NYC Photography

Sorry Virgin America, but I like Delta. Yah, that’s all I have to say. Also, I like that girl’s oversized sweater. Very 80’s.


Some Snapshots Of Life In NY

Some Snapshots Of Life In LA (Very, very old post– but one I’m still proud of).

Koreatown Manhattan

And then I found Koreatown. I didn’t even know something like this existed in Manhattan until I stumbled upon it through my wanderings around Harold Square. I just love finding these cultural hubs amidst the New York City collage. Is there a Denmark-town too? How about a Francetown? A Fijitown? There is definitely a Japantown somewhere though. No idea where.

Koryo Books

Enter Koryo Books: a radically awesome independent bookstore selling everything from Kpop merch, to Korean makeup and accessories, to duh– books in Korean. The best was the little loft upstairs that sold some pretty fantastic Korean-style clothing pieces. They were, however, pretty expensive and therefore I bought nothing. The saleslady was nice though.

Koryo Books

Koreatown Manhattan

Koreatown Manhattan

There was also a Nature Republic right next door to Koryo Books, which meant that I did spend a bit of money on a few cheeky skin and hair products. Especially this multi-purpose aloe vera gel that I use on my hair–it makes my curls go bounce. So good.

NYC Flatiron Building

And yes, the famed Flatiron building dwells adjacent to Harold Square. I didn’t like any of the photos I took of the thing, so instead I have inserted the cover photo from my post– Since When Have We Lost The Freedom Of Expression— a photo that just so happens to have been taken right in front of Mr. Flatiron himself.

Right. It’s 1:38 AM, I absolve myself of the duty to write a proper conclusion.

Peace out,

Cynical Duchess

Have you ever wandered somewhere aimlessly, just to see what you could find?

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