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Salutations people of Earth!

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have realized that music is the sustenance through which I survive. Not food, not water— those mundane elements are secondary to my vital need for music. And while you may also have realized that I drink up quite a lot of genres— from wordless music, to indie rock— I have barely touched upon the one genre that always seems to soothe me when my nerves are really tense. There is a certain effect that breathy female vocalists exude, that cannot be copied by any other genre or type of vocalist, ever. Something about their whispered voices always reminds me of what feathers would sound like, if they were human.


Jasmine Sokko’s voice is like an assured whisper, a hushed conversation in the dusk– it’s like her words slip into your bloodstream before the music even starts. Honestly, she’s just a hidden gem that really shouldn’t be hidden for too long, because the world deserves to hear her ethereal vocals. Though Jasmine is only at the beginning of her musical career, her main single, titled ‘1057‘, absolutely blew me through. To smithereens. ‘1057’ actually discusses our era’s desperate search for empty numbers, followers and likes that has transformed into the measure of our ultimate worth. We, as human beings, are nothing more than our numbers now. Me? I must only be worth 787, because that is the amount of followers I have on Instagram. We have all been reduced to numbers as of late, all lost, all 1057’s trying to re-find our selves.  Also, I just really like the kid cuz she’s gutsy, she’s starting something new, her style is already all electronic and indie— and she’s from Singapore. Which is quite refreshing after all the American/British bands I listen to. SO JUST FLIPPING CHECK HER OUT.


Hannah Reid’s voice is pure velvet. There is no other way to describe it. Every thing is slow, and soft, and so deep. She sounds like the voice of night. Hey lyrics as well, are so absolutely meaningful. Whenever I listen to one of her songs, I always feel as if I’m walking down some dimly lit London street, contemplating a poetic aspect of life. London Grammar also knows how to use the art of the pause to their advantage, as the bits of silence peppered throughout their songs create a rich, almost dramatic atmosphere to the music. I have honestly been listening to their song, ‘Wasting My Young Years’ on repeat as I write these words. I can barely describe London Grammar’s flavor, but If I had to try, I’d day– night, dimly lit streets, thoughts in the darkness– solitude. British band, by the way– if you didn’t guess.


I already raved about Lenka back when I wrote about my favorite obscure musicians, but seeing as how that is quite an old post, I find it perfectly fine to repeat myself. Especially if more people will benefit. If London Grammar embodies nightfall, then Lenka is sunshine. Her vocals connote images of bubbles, sun soaked grass, and cotton day dresses. Yet behind Lenka’s satiny vocals, lie some extremely penetrating lyrics. I’ve been listening to Lenka since I was 17, so she’s been with me through the real angst and “no one understand me”s. Her songs have such a frankness about them, that it often seems surprising how such blunt, almost painful words can couple up with such a honeyed voice. But it simply works.  Also, she’s from Australia. Thought you aught to know. Song to check out: Anything I’m Not 


Emma Louise has a voice like butterfly wings. But they are butterfly wings turned dark. Truthfully, I only rediscovered her after finding one of her songs in the archives of my iPod, from way back when iTunes still gave out those free singles of the week. I honestly didn’t know much about her, but I’ve included her in this list because I might as well discover some new artists along with you guys. I mean what’s the fun in knowing everything anyway? So after a bit of research, I fell in love with her single ‘Jungle‘, because it just so happens to be exactly what I’m feeling right now. My head is a jungle. For reasons you don’t need to know about. [ I’m sorry, I am interrupting this narrative to say that the really cute guy sitting across from me at Starbucks, that I’ve been secretly eyeing this entire time, just dropped me his number on my laptop while I was away in the bathroom. Then he hightailed it. My head is now an even bigger jungle].

Anyway, Emma Louise’s style is pure hipster, and her music videos are like abstract, symbolic pieces of art. Truthfully, her voice wouldn’t really be much without her artistic concepts or new age sounding synth tracks. However, because she takes care to bring her urban, alternative personality into her music, her songs become something delightfully indie. You guys really need to check out some of her kooky music videos. Like I said, a butterfly turned dark.


Skylar Grey is the voice behind B.O.B’s iconic ‘Airplanes’ Chorus, as well as the lyrics behind Rhianna’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’ chorus. In fact, she’s written many songs for many famous singers– and only recently did she decide to break out on her own, and sing the lyrics she was always meant to sing. Honestly, Skylar’s real, unedited version of “Love The Way You Lie‘, with out any rap, just sweet, clean vocals– is absolutely one of the most beautiful and heartrending songs on my iPod– if not the most. Her words rip directly to the core of situations– no metaphors, or abstract pieces of poetry. When you listen to her music you know that you are listening to life.


And that is all for today folks. I am now going to curl up into a fetal position on my bedroom floor, because reasons. (Not anything bad, don’t worry. Just leftover young adult angst and some frustrated hormones).

My Head Is A Jungle,

Cynical Duchess

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