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I am currently wearing a very very large shirt. But you didn’t need to know that. Anyway– today’s photo shoot was inspired by an awesome sunglasses company–Warby Parker– an eyeglass company that decided, after viewing the disgustingly exorbitant amount of money it costs to buy a pair of glasses, to create a line of eyeglasses, and sunglasses, with high quality designer materials, at a fraction of the price. In fact, their website actually tells the story of one of their founders, who was in grad school at the time, who had broken his glasses while mountain hiking. He spent the following semester squinting at the whiteboard, because his measly grad school budget wasn’t enough to get him another pair of glasses. Thus, his experience actually inspired the creation of Warby Parker– a company dedicated to changing the ridiculous price monopoly over good quality glasses.

Warby Parker also has a very cool option called the Home try On Program— which I participated in as well. Simply put, if you don’t live near a Warby Parker shop, and are hesitant to buy frames online, Warby Parker offers you the option on choosing up to five frames, (could be men’s, could be women’s, could be eyeglasses or sunglasses), ordering them for free, then spending 5 days with them to see if you like them. Once the 5 days are up, you keep what you like, and ship the rest back–shipping free of charge! Bless them.

I personally, am extremely glad that I used the Home Try-On Program before buying any shades, because once I actually tried everything on in person, I realized that the glasses I chose were all a bit too big for my face. Which is why I so artfully arranged them on this metal bar thingy.

Can I say that this photo was taken before I got the biggest freak attack of my life. Here we are, taking photos in someone else’s parking lot–basically minding our own business– when the nastiest barking you have ever heard from a dog, starts up right next to my ear. Reader, I jumped. Very literally. I also shrieked, but the internet doesn’t need to know that. We then quietly moved to the other side of the lot to take photographs. This was when the owner decided to come outside to quiet the dog. He looked at us– I’m telling you he sniggered.

Right. So you know how talking about my outfit gets me really really bored. I mean really– I stole the kimono from my mom, as well as the necklace. The hat is from some hat stall in Europe or something. I don’t really know, I didn’t buy it. And the awesome glasses (though they are too big for my face) are obviously from Warby Parker. DO I NOW NEED TO START CREATING SONNETS ON THE EMBROIDERY?

Instead, I have a question for you: What do you guys think of marrying at a young age? Only asking because it’s very normal in my circles to get married at a young age– in fact, anyone who gets married at 30 is considered quite old to get married. So I just want to hear what your thoughts are on it– as you guys come from all walks of life. Leave your thoughts down in the comments.

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Thank you so much to Warby Parker for this amazing collaboration opportunity! I had so much fun shooting around the Melrose alleyways with these glasses. There were even some tourists who probably thought we were famous or something, as they covertly tried to take photos of us. Giggle. Or maybe they just thought we were weird. Moving on.

Honestly, Warby Parker is a beautiful company with a great message. Check out their summer collection HERE!

Also– round of applause to the photographer of the day– Nechama Kermanshahi.  She is an excellent visual artist, as well as my high school classmate. She spent so much time positioning me, and the glasses, and editing the photos–she really is awesome. For any blogger in LA, Nechama is open for shoots, so you can contact her or check out her Instagram right HERE!


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What do you guys think of early marriage?

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