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I basically haven’t left the house in days except to go to work. So you know what that means right?

It’s Interpreting The Songs On My iPod time! Where I can sit on my bed, looking slightly homeless, and wax poetic over whatever random songs pop up on my iPod. Honestly, I had so much fun writing up the first part of this series, that I knew I had to make a part 2– so here it is! If any of y’all are new to my blog, first of all– welcome– second, this series is where I put my iPod on shuffle– absolutely no skipping— meaning whatever embarrassing song comes out– and I then talk about their significance to me. Well, enough blabber. Onward!

Boombaya by BlackPink

The Band: So this is very clearly a Kpop group. I don’t know why I like them more than other Girl Groups– perhaps because they are more versatile with their singers, allowing each girl to shine individually with her own talents and individual voice, as opposed to sticking them altogether into the same cutesy pop girl routine all the time. Also, they can sing a variety of different genres, from heavy bubblegum pop, to House tunes, to rap, to soft sweet vocals. I like seeing variety in my Korean girl groups. Yup that’s pretty much it. It’s Kpop. doesn’t get any deeper.

The Song: Boombaya is pure junk food. Also, half the songs in English, while the other Korean half is so simplistic, THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND 35% OF IT. If I, an American girl functioning on level one Korean skills, can understand 35% of the words sung in this song, trust me– this song must be nonsense. I downloaded it because I needed mindless running music, the type of song I can rock out to on the subway, or while I’m doing my chores–something to kick up my blood a little bit. Because indeed, Boombaya is great for a dubstep/party fix. Honestly, most of the words are: I like you, I like you right now, I miss you, ‘Oppa!’ (older brother– but more like boy friend), etc etc.

On my iPod since: 2017

Alors On Danse by Stromae

The Singer: Stromae is an extremely awesome Belgian electronic/hiphop artist who sings primarily in French. I was just introduced to him via my friend and fellow radio DJ, Caroline B, for our international radio show, (We) Speak No English. Actually, if you guys ever want to hear us talk nonsense on the airwaves, and spin out some awesome international music, check us out every Tuesday night! I’ll put all the info for my radio show at the bottom of this post. While I don’t know much yet about Stromae, as I’m just beginning to explore his music, he has such a deep, velvety voice– and such rhythmic beats– I know I’m going to like this guy. Also, music in French sounds like eating a piece of Chocolate.

The Song: This is Stromae’s most iconic song. Dropped in 2009, this is the song that spiraled him to European fame– especially in France and Belgium. The beats are heavy, and smuggle their way into your bones– just the way I like them, while his deep, raspy voice mouths out french lyrics like each word is a piece of candy. I honestly can’t stop listening to this. It’s so good.

On my iPod since: 2018

Mi Mi by Simcha Leiner

The Singer: So this is a really Orthodox Jewish singer. Like, the comments he’s gonna get on youtube are either  “a beautiful job Simcha, Yasher Koyach”– which is gonna be from the Jewish population. “Wow. I can’t understand the lyrics, but G-d bless Israel. <3” — which is gonna be from the random person that stumbled upon this accidentally. And then “FREE PALESTEENE. THE JEWISH ARE DEEViLS. AND I GONNA PICKLE. SATAN.” — Which is gonna be from the rat heap trolls of the world, who should be banned from computers forever. Honestly, Simcha Leiner has a beautiful voice. He sings mostly in American-sounding Hebrew, which is something that I don’t know how to explain. But his range is so high, and he really sings from the heart. He’s moved me to tears before.

The Song: So this is the kind of upbeat music that really religious Jewish people listen to in their spare time. You can have a click on the bold and educate yourself if you feel like it. Mi Mi is actually something I will rock out to with my friends in the car, especially if they don’t personally listen to secular music. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s a really fun song.

On my iPod since: 2016

Ignorance by Paramore

The Band: Paramore has been around for quite a while. They are known quite internationally for their punk rock vocals and style, and I always love seeing what color lead singer Hayley Williams has dyed her hair to this time. Their lyrics are also quite simple to understand. No poetic nonsense that seems to have been composed in a language other than English. The meanings of their music are always straightforward, therefore making their songs extremely relatable. (Which is why everyone probably loves them).


The Song: I was introduced to this song by Luciana, from She Loves Clothes, when we collaborated on my Bloggers’ iPods on Shuffle post. What initially drew me to the song were those heavy guitar chords and spat out almost angry lyrics, that described exactly what I was feeling at that time. Honestly, whenever I feel rejected by someone, whether its a friend, or someone I like, I’ll put this song on and feel marginally better.

On my iPod since: 2017

The Lonely by Christina Perry.

The Singer: Honestly, I usually ignore this singer. She’s a pop singer, she has some tattoos on her arm, she sounds like everyone else. But then I heard this song, and I realized that actually, I was wrong.

The Song: My friend FG introduced me to this song on a sticky summer midnight when we were both sitting on her sister’s bed, for some reason. I have never heard such raw, beautiful lyrics that describe loneliness in the most potent, penetrating way. Each word kind of digs into your soul because you know how true they are, when when you’re dancing slowly in an empty room, at 2:00 AM, with your loneliness dancing beside you. This will forever be one of the most beautiful songs I will ever hear. Because it describes so much of what I had to go through as a child and teenager growing up. That aching, un-abetting loneliness that stays with you for so long, it becomes your companion.

On my iPod since: 2017

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