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 So. I left you guys for a few months. Honestly, we are not going to discuss it because college, and work, and life— is really really hard to keep up with a blog. But I want to try. That’s one of my resolutions for 2018. But my resolutions are for next week’s post. I wanted to use this post to reflect on the greatest moments and accomplishments of 2017. Some are crazy wonderful— some are really tragic. It’s probably been one of the most transitory years of my life. I went from 21 to 22 and became a little bit more of an adult in that time. But let’s just get into it before this gets really sappy. Because you know I hate sappy.

I moved to New York.

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I moved out on my own all the way across the country, found a roommate, an apartment, and a job all by myself. I learned how to pay rent, manage my funds and budget (mostly)— I even got an accountant and learned how to pay taxes. In short, I sort of learned how to adult.

My father passed away.

Perhaps some of you remember, perhaps some of you never even knew that I wrote this, but I wrote a post a few years ago describing a bit of my experiences with my father battling cancer. I don’t really want to talk about this online because I don’t think everything needs to be online— and also, I don’t think this short little paragraph is really going to accurately sum up my raw and utter feelings about my father passing away—the day after my birthday. I will say this though— My father loved me so much, he made sure to wait a day before he passed away, so that he wouldn’t taint my birthday. <3

I took the SAT’s for the first time.

Yes, I was 21 years old, and it was the first time I had ever taken the SAT’s. I took it simply so that I would be able to apply to some colleges that still require transfers to submit their SAT’s. I taught everything to my self while I was at work, I crammed it all in a few months, I did horrifically, BUT— let this serve as a lesson to anyone who is reading this— you are never too old to do ANYTHING. I don’t care what it is. And even if you flunk, and do horribly, and you fail, and then you fail again— at least you did it. and that’s the biggest small step you can possibly take on your way to succeeding.

 I learned Korean.

I taught myself the reading and writing script— called Hangeul— all by myself, and them took a summer course to learn the basics. I can now say that I am an American person, I am sitting on a chair, and that my bag is behind the desk. Other skills I picked up while learning Korean: I can now pick out random words in Korean TV shows and songs, I can sincerely thank my Korean Uber driver for taking me to who knows where, and I can seriously annoy the Korean guy who sits behind me in class, by randomly using Korean words in the middle of class that have nothing to do with anything. Thank you, KY, for letting me butcher your language. Uchegook. (means post office). I told you I like using random words.

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 I got into Boston University.

Am I going to say that BU is the most prestigious University out there? No. Could I have probably done better? Probably. But BU is honestly the best school out there for me. It has such an international vibe, and I have made so many friends from all over the world. Just a shoutout to my friends and all the countries they are from: Tareq Al-Khudari from Kuwait – check out his Instagram— it’s amazing. Khadija from Egypt, Sanjana from India/Dubai, Tina, Mingyue, Yang and Mu from China, and Michelle from good old San Francisco! Furthermore, the communication school in BU is one of the best in the country, so trust me, I ain’t complaining. Also also, they have a completely kosher cafeteria, which apparently has the best food on campus, and I get to explore Boston. ‘Nuff said.

 I got my first (unpaid) editorial internship.

I don’t think anyone realizes this, but I blog for The Famous Company— a British based music PR agency, that hooks up artists with various connections in the industry. And you know something? I got this internship because of all the music stuff I wrote on this blog. Because I had published stuff that people were looking at, all on my own, and all about music, I was able to show Megan, the woman who hired me, that I was capable of writing editorial music pieces professionally. You see the wondrous things you can accomplish with a blog? NEVER STOP GUYS. Just take hiatuses, but never stop.

 I went self hosted and got my first PR Package.

I switched to wordpress! I became a dot.com! It is the most amazing feeling that I now have this little piece of the internet that I own, and can do with what ever I feel like. Even if I haven’t touched it in 3 months. Whatever, I’m working on it. As for the PR package– it was this beautiful wooden watch from JORD WoodWatches, which I did a whole post about Here. When I received that little package in the mail, I remember really thinking to myself: “wow. I can really do this. I can actually be a blogger and make something out of this little space.” If I could get a PR package just by spewing some words on the internet once a week– who knows what I would be able to accomplish in the future with the rest of my drive and talents? Just putting that out there.

 My Best friend S got married.

I’ve known this kid since I was 6 years old. I wasn’t really best friends with her until high school, but that really doesn’t matter because she is basically my sister and always will be. We braved the Jewish dating scene together, and while I’m still in it, unfortunately, it was still so much fun to dissect her problems, until she finally found The One. I’m just so proud of her with how much she has grown and matured over the years. I may sound like some doting Grandma when I say this, but she seriously has become someone I so admire and look up to– especially now that she is handling married life like a BAWSE.

 I failed my driving permit test. 

Do you know why I see this as an accomplishment? Because at least, this time around, I had the guts to actually go to the DMV, and take the idiotic test. So what if I failed? Next time I’ll pass! It’s the fear of going to the test that I overcame this time– and that is an accomplishment worthy of being on this list.

 I interviewed my first singer. 

Do any of Y’all remember that post I did– my top 5 breathy female singers? So I mentioned one particular singer– Jasmine Sokko. Well readers, I interviewed her. Though she is from Singapore, she was on a 2 week trip to NYC. So naturally, when I heard that she was going to be 4 hours away from me, I made some arrangements, hopped on a bus, and went to meet the kid. Because someone like that, I want to meet. Let’s just say she is so humble and refined and fun to be around, and that I have a special upcoming interview that I did with her specifically for this blog– which shall be coming soon! I will repeat the moral of this blog post once again. Ahem: DO YOU SEE THE WONDROUS THINGS THAT HAPPEN WITH A BLOG? Never stop guys, never stop.

Well, till next week folks (please Oh please so help me G-d),


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