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Boston street style, SoWa Open Market

Denim Jacket — Ragstock

Dress– Heavenly Couture

Skirt– Heavenly Couture

Sunnies– A Stand in NYC Chinatown

Watch– JORD Woodwatches

Pendant– Tiny Shop in Jerusalem



Boston University
Boston University, Boston street photography.

Boston street photography, spring photography, cherry blossoms

So most of y’all know that I spent the year in Boston University pretty much glued to a chair. It’s the reason why I basically didn’t blog, and also the reason why I didn’t even get the chance to explore Boston as much as I wanted to. However, looking back on all these photographs, (plus all the autumn and winter ones I haven’t published in this post), I realized that actually, I did go outside one or two times this year, which is a huge relief– because I literally thought I was turning into a sad depressed hermit. Honestly, my friends started calling the library my house–which wasn’t very funny. So when I realized that actually, my little trips outside had given me more than enough photographs to compile another Snapshots post, I basically took to the blog, and spat this out. So here we are– a collage of Boston street shots I took while on my rare excursions to The Outside.

Boston street photography, spring photography, cherry blossoms, Boston University


SoWa Open MarketBoston street photography, SoWa Open Market, Father and Son

My friend Avanti Nagral actually told me about this place. (PS,  you guys really need to check out her music– she’s amazing). It is both an outdoor food market/ artists market, as well as a sprawling underground vintage market, and upstairs local art gallery. I went here right after finals ended because OMG I needed to go anywhere but the BU library, and was blown away by how much there was to do here. Also, I think every other BU kid had the same idea to come here after finals, because it was flooded with people I knew, lol.

studio art, locals art, SoWa Open Market, Boston street photography

There was a few floors dedicated to local galleries and artists’ studios, and it was fascinating simply to walk through and photograph.

studio art, locals art, SoWa Open Market, Boston street photography


Downtown Boston Boston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography

I apologize, I do not have many photographs of Downtown Boston. It is actually one of the coolest and most historic parts of Boston, but I never had the time to do a real street shot session. So instead you have this quick photograph I snapped while on the way to an appointment. Enjoy.

Boston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography

Boston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography

I asked his permission to take this photo, and then I showed it to him, and he told me it was beautiful. He was just one of three people living in this little enclave. It just makes me so sad–even angry. You should have seen his eyes when he told me the photo was beautiful– they were so honest and blue. A boy like him– barely in his twenties, should not be homeless on a street just off MIT, with just a book and a dog to keep him company. It isn’t fair. I wish him well.


Copley PlaceBoston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography, Copley Place

I came here with my friend one night when we should have been doing home work. I was unimpressed. All the stores were way too expensive, and we couldn’t buy nothin’. Though I will admit that the architecture was very beautiful inside.

Boston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography

My film professor once called Boston a town of educated smokers. Which they basically all are. You should see the people outside the business school in BU– all camel trench coats, shiny cars, and cig after cig.


Boston CommonBoston street photography, Boston Common, city photography

Boston street photography,  Boston common, city photography

Ok this dude totally saw that I was taking a photo of him. Whoops. Sorry sir. If I ever do see you again, I’ll give you this photo for free. I’ll even blow it up and frame it and show you how cool you look.

Boston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography, subway photos


Boston UniversityBoston street photography, Downtown Boston, city photography, Boston University, fall photography, pumpkin carving, school rivalry, Boston College

Although I didn’t want to include any real fall or winter photos, as right now it’s spring and I am SO SICK of winter/fall, I had to include this snapshot I took back in October, of some excellent Boston University kids making fun of our rival school, Boston College. I just think this is an excellent representation of BU sentiments, and our overall school spirit. Also, Boston is such a college town, with places like Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Emerson, Berklee– to name a few just surrounding us from all sides, that I felt it was fitting to end this post with a real close up of the essence of Boston– just a bunch of college kids, on this sprawling historic play ground, making fun of everybody else.

Well, that’s it.

Peace out kids,

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