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A lifestyle blog with a seriously different take on the word ‘Mainstream’.

My blog story: 

Honestly, I hate writing these kinds of things. They give me serious writer’s block. If you’d like to know what I’m doing right now, I’m sitting in a Coffee shop in Boston, wearing my mother’s very old sweater from the 80’s. I just felt like you needed to know that.

This here blog is indeed a lifestyle platform — blogging about fashion, music, and travel– with the occasional controversial discussion thrown in. However, because I can’t seem to do anything like Everyone Else, I have mutated the rather generic ‘Lifestyle Blog’, into a ‘Hipster Lifestyle Blog’. Meaning, this blog documents my personal quest to find the quirkiest, most non mainstream, most underground and unknown parts of our culture.

For fashion: that means looking at the underground emerging trends, vying away from the runway and hitting the streets of whatever city I’m currently in to find style inspiration. The fashion road untaken, if I may be so bold– basically, a lot of street style.

For travel: that means finding those hidden gems that only the locals seem to know about. Forget Hollywood Boulevard and Times Square! Bring on Downtown LA’s The Last Book Store, or Manhattan’s minuscule Koreatown.

For music: that means discovering those underground independent singers. The ones no one has heard of yet, but who possess the most unique vocal styles and concepts. I review singers and bands from basically all genres– from soft synth pop, to electronic, to Alt Rock, Rock, Oldies, Kpop– you name it. In fact, I even love blogging about international singers– from China to France to Colombia. My goal is to bring a voice to the singers who don’t yet have the resources to show the world how amazing they are.

Some of my Favorite Posts: 

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Brands I’ve Worked With:

I love working with brands of all types, though I especially welcome collaborations and sponsorships with fashion, music and travel brands. These are some of the awesome companies and bloggers I’ve worked with:


I don’t think you will believe me if I told you that the entire outfit you are about to see was solely inspired by the wooden watch on my wrist.


Warby Parker

JORD WoodWatches





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AVG Antivirus

Short Girl Long Jacket

She Loves Clothes


The Nerdy Me


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